What is an eSignature?

For board matters, eSignatures are as enforceable as a handwritten signature. They provide a fast, secure, and accurate identification alternative for signatures, all while keeping all your records compliant.

eSignature Best Practices

Specifically, for boards, there are many occasions when eSignatures prove vital to good governance, expediting the speed of business, and driving secure collaboration in the boardroom and beyond. Let’s see how eSignatures work, how they will improve your workflow, and how OnBoard makes eSignatures easier than ever.
For example, the signatures of directors may be necessary for numerous agreements. Where time is pressing but a meeting of directors would be unnecessary, eSignatures are key. Examples of frequent actions taken in this manner include:

How eSignatures Work in OnBoard

The eSignatures workflow in OnBoard is a fast, streamlined process. Administrators simply upload the document that needs a signature and appended where the singer must act. Directors immediately receive a notification that a signature is pending, and with just one click they sign their name. That’s it. Directors will always have a record of every document they signed. Administrators always have a simple workflow to understand what signatures are outstanding and what’s been signed. Uniquely, we provide the ability to embed eSignatures directly into the board agenda.

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