What are Annotations?

Annotations are the notes and comments directors make between and during meetings to their board books and meeting materials. These are the private thoughts, initial impressions, and comments relating to their board materials.

Industry Best Practices for Annotations

Annotations reflect a director’s thoughts or comments related to their board materials, often drafted prior to and without the benefit of discussion at a board meeting. A director’s final position may change based on discussion with board members and senior management at the board meeting.
In particular, it is prudent to assume that when the subject matter to be discussed at a board meeting is controversial, multifaceted, or imposes significant risk, it may be important for directors to make notes as a temporary record of those discussions, to aid later review of the board’s decision-making process if necessary.

How Agendas Work in a Board Portal

Within a board portal, annotations and notes are stored privately for the director that drafts them. To create an annotation, directors can write by hand, type, or highlight passages within their board book. For third generation board portals, notes and annotations are automatically synced between devices. When they arrive back in the office, directors work seamlessly and their notes automatically sync over to their laptop from their phone or tablets.
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