Seamless Meeting Preparation

Reliable and accurate information is essential for modern board governance. Last-minute changes and 11th-hour reports create uncertainty about the correct version, leading to wasted meeting time.

Prepare To Have More Intelligent Meetings

With OnBoard, you always have access to upcoming meetings alongside a complete archive of every past meeting. Together with real-time information that makes meeting preparation more reliable, context-rich, and useful than ever before.

Offline Access

Work online or off, and still have access to all your board's materials. When reconnect online, all work your syncs instantly.

Book Builder

The agenda and meeting builder is a drag-and-drop, template-powered, document-organizing, decision-tracking powerhouse.

Notes & Annotations

Bolster your board book review with built-in annotation. Highlight, draw, or create sticky notes that stay in-sync on every device.

Roles & Terms Management

Real-time insights to improve recruiting and succession planning efforts — helping create a more intelligent and responsive Board

Meeting Briefs

Intelligent email alerts notify meeting attendees about pending invites, give coaching tips, and helps them prepare more effectively.

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Meeting Materials Travel With You

OnBoard gives you access to real-time information to makes meeting prep more reliable, context-rich, and useful than ever before. And what happens when everyone is better prepared? Well, you’ll find your board discussions more thoughtful and engaging than ever.

Reliable, Timely, & Accurate Information

What if you could eliminate last-minute changes? With OnBoard, you have the ability to publish partial board books so directors have more time to review – without delays due to version control. That helps directors prepare more thoroughly withe the confidence that their information is reliable and up-to-date.

Real-Time Collaboration

Accomplish more decision-making before anyone takes a seat and focus more time and energy toward strategic discussions. With OnBoard Messenger, the board can collaborate securely from any device before, during, and after the meeting, including one-to-one messages and group chats. 

Streamlined Minutes Workflow

Effortlessly make notes, create tasks, track attendance, and mark motions as the meeting progresses. OnBoard’s minutes builder unifies meeting workflows within the platform, making it easy to focus on the meeting itself.

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A Better Way To Seamlessly Prepare For Meetings

“When I first got involved with the University, I realized there was an awful lot of reading and background information. Books easily could get to 200-300 pages. We don’t want anything that was put together 30 days ago, or even two weeks ago. We want to know whether these numbers were correct as of yesterday. We can do a much better job with a product like OnBoard, it gets us information in a timely manner that’s convenient and accurate up to the second.”

— Gary Leahman, Purdue University Trustee


The Future of Board Meetings Starts Here

The hand of digital transformation has largely been unable to reach the boardroom. The “Next Normal” of governance is ushering in new imperatives regarding collaboration and intelligence that digital technology adoption can alone uniquely provide.

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