Board Management Software Buyer's Guide

A comprehensive guide on selecting a Board Management vendor that will make your board happy and keep meetings focused on strategy.

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We’re here to help you navigate the world of board management software. This guide is for anyone considering board management software for the first time or looking to replace an old and expensive provider.

The goal is for you to walk away informed. Equipped with the knowledge of what board meeting software does, who it’s for, why it’s important, and how to fairly make the case that your work would be strengthened by having one. This guide is meant to remove any uncertainty in the vetting process, arming teams with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their board software.

What’s inside?
• The necessary technology, features, and security of board software
• Why selecting the right vendor is crucial to getting directors hesitant about technology using the product
• How to identify board software on the market that are zombies – the living-dead subsidiaries of other vendors
• How to make the business case for board software
• A practical board management vendor comparison table
Download this guide and make an informed decision about which board management software vendor is right for you.
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