New OnBoard Features & Capabilities

A new era of board governance has arrived, underscoring the need for improved board collaboration and reliable, data-based intelligence. That’s why OnBoard continues to innovate — From preparation to planning and follow-up, bringing new capabilities to directors, executives, and administrators that help them have smarter board meetings.

Roles & Terms Management

Roles and Terms Limit Management provides real-time insights to improve recruiting and succession planning efforts — helping create a more intelligent and responsive board of directors. It’s a holistic way to track your board’s experience, background, and term limits, presenting the big picture for board composition.

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Skills Tracking

OnBoard Skills Tracking gives you insights into competencies for better visibility into current board composition. Quickly identify your board’s experience in specific areas and highlight gaps, then take action or build a recruiting plan that fits your organization’s strategic direction.

Board Assessments

Assessments set the foundation for your boards future and helps your team develop priorities that strengthen the organization’s governance performance and practices. Whether that comes in the form of an annual board assessment, a committee assessment, or CEO evaluation, it’s a powerful way to continuously improve board performance with actionable results.
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Calendar Integration

Seamlessly sync your OnBoard with your primary work calendar: Outlook, Office 365, Exchange, Google, and Apple.

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Calendar Invite

Fortified, Effortless Single-Sign-On

OnBoard seamlessly integrates with Okta and OneLogin’s Secure Single-Sign-On solutions, bolstering data security while ensuring meetings start hassle-free. Integrating with your Active Directory Authentication Library, both Okta and OneLogin SSO enables real-time access controls and automated user provisioning. 

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Director and Officer Questionnaires Mobile

Mobile D&O Questionnaires

OnBoard’s industry-leading integrated D&O Solution arrived on mobile devices. End-to-end board governance with a wide range of question types and export options that can be completed on-the-go. With capabilities uniquely tailored for directors and officers like pre-fills, eSignatures, and attachments. 

Meeting Feedback

Create a continuous feedback loop to help improve your meetings. When meetings are finished, score their overall effectiveness and provide candid feedback on what went well and opportunities for improvement. 

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Agenda Time Management 2

Agenda Time Management

Agenda Time Management helps leader optimize their meeting time, ensuring meetings progress according to their established schedule. A smart pace keeper helps you manage your meeting cadence and focus your conversations.

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