Intuitive Design

OnBoard’s design is not just about how it looks – it’s about how it works. With effective and uncompromising design, OnBoard solves for both the practical and experiential needs of the board room while reducing cognitive overhead. 

Designed to Take your Board to the next level

OnBoard’s design-first, purpose-built approach to board management and meeting effectiveness takes your board work to the next level. 

Clear and precise typography

Directs the eye to the most important information first, creating hierarchical tiers of info

Consistent Iconography

Robust visual statefulness, communicating what actions can and cannot be done.

Interactive elements

Robust visual statefulness, communicating what actions can and cannot be done.

Cross Platform Design

Designed for multiple platforms and screen sizes, interfaces present info proportional to the context.


Born In The Cloud

As a born-in-the cloud product, OnBoard uses product design rationale to develop and consistently iterate on new features and capabilities. This allows OnBoard to continually improve the user’s experience with feature and capability updates deploying every four to eight weeks. 

Rapid Iteration

Successive iteration allows OnBoard’s board management solution to address unexpected but significant changes in organizational needs, such as the move to remote meetings.  This iterative approach also enables OnBoard quickly take advantage of new technology and improvements in other applications, such as its integration with Zoom. 

Design That Delights

Users everywhere have validated the effectiveness of OnBoard’s design-first, purpose-built approach. Validated by real users as reflected in its iTunes App Store ratings and its consistent leadership position on G2

Not only have users enthusiastically endorsed OnBoard, but more people have reviewed the platform than any other board management system — with ratings 20% higher on average among director and administrator users.

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Unlock Superior Board Governance

Streamline your board meetings and unlock valuable insights with OnBoard’s powerful platform. Experience the difference of secure, efficient, and intuitive board management software designed for success.