Data-Driven Meetings

Boards today are too often flying blind. They have little insight into when board books are read, what sections are heavily scrutinized, or where notes are taken. Without that information, it’s impossible to improve upon your meetings — you can’t change something you don’t measure.

Data Driven Meetings

Delivering Unparalleled Insights

With OnBoard, you enter a new era of how you conduct meetings. It gives leaders anonymized and aggregated analytics to iterate and improve meeting preparation and execution.

Meeting Analytics


Analytics Help Bring Your Expertise To The Table

The goal of every director is to effectively apply their expertise, helping the board reach smarter decisions. By offering insight into what parts of the meeting are receiving the most attention, OnBoard helps directors identify where their experience would provide the most value. Giving directors new breadth and depth to their thinking.

CEOs & Executives

Know What's Big Before the Big Meeting

OnBoard helps you prepare for meetings like never before. By offering detailed insights into where your directors are focused ahead of meetings, it ensures you’re ready for any and every question posed by the board. 

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Board Chairs & Administrators

Create a Build-Measure-Learn Feedback Loop

Optimize the materials you prepare for your board. With insight into where the board spends its time, it helps you improve the cadence, volume, and kind of information you share. And it enables the board to measure and offer feedback on every section of the meeting. Over time creating a positive feedback loop for more relevant, insightful, and helpful information. 

"The Board is Engaged, Working as a Team."

“There was that moment where we realized that free products weren’t getting us the board engagement and access to information they wanted. I feel that OnBoard really helps us fulfill our mission because it drives engagement. When the board is engaged, we’re all working as a team.”


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