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The Preferred Virtual Meeting Platform for Higher Education Boards & Committees

AGB OnBoard gives you the digital power you need to prepare, organize, and run your board meetings – all in real time – with better efficiency and collaboration.


A Trusted Partner in OnBoard

AGB OnBoard is your digital partner that helps at every step – to prepare, conduct, and collaborate for board meetings at institutions and IRFs.

AGB partnered with OnBoard, an innovative and market-leading board management software provider, to create AGB OnBoard. OnBoard led the way in rethinking how to make a useful, intuitive solution that actually makes board leaders happy. This digital partnership is here to help you every step of the way – to prepare, conduct, and collaborate for board meetings at institutions and IRFs.

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A Meeting Platform, Custom Built for Colleges & Universities.

With a combined 115 years’ experience in Higher Education governance and board performance, AGB OnBoard makes preparing for and conducting meetings more efficient, secure, and collaborative.

AGB OnBoard provides boards and leadership easy-to-use software, equipped with AGB trusted content, that transforms meetings from operational presentations to strategic working sessions. It’s the only meeting solutions that includes AGB’s proprietary intellectual property and empowers leaders to use technology to make intelligent and informed decisions to achieve their institution’s strategic goals.

This combination of technology, expertise, and thoughtful content fosters real-time connection, collaboration, and interaction. The result are boards and committees that make intelligent and informed decisions to achieve goals.

In Their Own Words

Hear real Trustees, Regents, Presidents, Chiefs of Staff talk about how AGB OnBoard has powered engagement and discussions. 

AGB OnBoard Arrives With Powerful Resources For Trustees and Meeting Administrators

AGB OnBoard comes fully loaded with AGB’s Effective Committee Toolkit, nine books that provide best practices for boards and committees. It also includes the complete set of eight AGB Board of Directors Statements on critical topics, ranging from shared governance and accountability, to innovation, fiduciary duties, and conflicts of interest.

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AGB OnBoard provides trustees and leaders to be more efficient, secure, and strategic for meetings. It’s how leading universities prepare and partner together even in-between meetings.