Board Meeting Management Software

Administrators & Corporate Secretaries

OnBoard helps meeting administrators and governance professionals move faster and work smarter. The platform streamlines the creation, distribution, and organization of meeting information — supporting your work to keep all stakeholders informed, happy, and engaged.

How OnBoard Helps Admins

  • Simplify meeting preparation and material distribution with automated, user-friendly tools.
  • Enhance stakeholder communication and satisfaction with a centralized, easy-to-access platform.
  • Save time and reduce errors with intuitive agenda and minutes builders.
  • Dedicated board training & support

How OnBoard Works

Better board meetings start with you.

Streamlined Meeting & Agenda Building

The intuitive drag-and-drop agenda and meeting builder supports all file types, templates, cloning, document organization, and decision tracking. Create meetings quickly and efficiently.

Unified Collaboration Hub

Unify fragmented communication channels, eliminate time-consuming processes, and effectively plan next steps and actions in a centralized information hub.

Efficient Evaluations and D&O Management

Supercharge your annual evaluations, conduct surveys, and simplify D&O with our powerful governance tools.

Dedicated Training & Support

Experience the white-glove treatment with a named customer success manager, 24/7 support, and free board training. OnBoard’s 99% retention rate reflects our commitment to your success.

Simple Agenda & Meeting Creation

Boost Your Meeting Workflow

The superintelligent meeting builder upgrades how you create, organize, and distribute meeting information. Next-level software that brings the power of the cloud to your board room, enabling faster, smarter, and more reliable information delivery.

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Simplified Agenda &
Board Book Creation

Welcome to the most intuitive, drag-and-drop, template-driven, document-organizing agenda and meeting builder ever created. Work together in real-time and empower your team to upload their reports directly.

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Publish What's Ready
When It's Ready.

Send only the parts of the board book that are ready to send to the board — any time throughout the meeting cycle. That helps directors arrive better prepared and have the confidence that their information is reliable and up-to-date.

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Centralized Documents & Records

Centralized Documents & Records

OnBoard serves as your unified system of record for every document, meeting, and board action you manage. It provides unlimited storage for all your documents, synced across devices in real time.

Meeting Minutes, Built Right In

Effortlessly take meeting minutes, create notes, track tasks, and mark motions as the meeting progresses — directly within platform. 

Powerful Cloud Storage for All Your Files

OnBoard provides unlimited storage for every document, report, and file. Whether you’re at work or on the road, your files are secure and synced across devices in real time.

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“My board has administrative access to meetings and populates them with materials, but only I make meetings ‘visible.’ This gives me the opportunity to review the information and provide access to board members when it’s time, but it’s really kind of nice that I don’t have to be the one doing all the uploading… My board has no idea the full capability of OnBoard, and that’s OK. It’s doing for them what they need it to do.” 

— Heather Fehn – Chief of Staff, The College of New Jersey

Transformative Governance Tools

Transformative Governance Tools

Supercharge your annual evaluations and simplify D&O with powerful governance tools. Conduct formal and informal surveys, assessments, and streamline the D&O process for a seamless experience.

D&O Master

Simple, Automated, and Replicable D&O

Your annual D&O questionnaire doesn’t need to be a dreaded by your directors and senior legal counsel. OnBoard’s integrated solution transforms a cumbersome task into a simple, automated, and replicable annual process.

Elevate Your Board Experience with Unparalleled Training, Support, and Success

Discover the OnBoard difference in board management software, and empower your board with our award-winning Implementation and Customer Success teams. OnBoard is committed to making your board meetings informed, effective, and uncomplicated, ensuring every aspect runs smoothly from start to finish.

Engage Your Stakeholders

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