Facilitate deeper board engagement with OnBoard’s dynamic Survey feature. Empower every member’s voice, and foster a culture of transparency and collaboration across your organization.

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Harness The Power of Board Member Input

OnBoard’s advanced survey tool enables you to conveniently solicit, capture, and leverage board member insights

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Effortless Setup

Seamlessly create and customize surveys with our user-friendly interface.

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Diverse Question Types

Leverage different types of questions to best solicit feedback.

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Confidential Insights

Choose who sees results, maintaining data privacy and confidentiality.

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Integrated Feature

Keep all your board's data in one secure, well-governed ecosystem.

Create Customized Surveys

OnBoard’s easy-to-use survey tool allows you to create customized surveys within minutes, support multiple file types, and attach relevant documents. Leverage diverse question types, including the Net Promoter Score, checkboxes, radio buttons, Likert scale, and essay long answer options.

Unlock Valuable, Secure Board Member Insights

Turn feedback into action with OnBoard. Our survey feature provides granular control over who views results, keeping data private and secure. Track respondent progress, send reminders, and leverage the results to inform board strategy.

Capitalize on a Unified System's Synergies

Survey are part of OnBoard’s broader, trusted ecosystem of governance tools — your board’s one-stop solution. This integrated functionality delivers seamless workflows for smooth and efficient board operations.

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Unlock Superior Board Governance

Streamline your board meetings and unlock valuable insights with OnBoard’s powerful platform. Experience the difference of secure, efficient, and intuitive board management software designed for success.