Technology Grants for Nonprofits: 5 Options in 2022

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  • May 17, 2022
Technology Grants for Nonprofits
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The best technology grants for nonprofits allow organizations to invest in next-generation software solutions purpose-built to drive impact.

When nonprofit fundraising isn’t enough to help your organization achieve its goals, 501(c)(3) grants offer additional financial support. Nonprofit technology grants enable you to invest in modern technology that streamlines nonprofit board governance. Ready to upgrade your nonprofit’s technology? Check out these software grants for nonprofits.

Top 5 Technology Grants for Nonprofits

Fundraising and communication software simplifies board governance and boosts board effectiveness. But cost often deters organizations from investing in their technology needs. Grants for technology allow nonprofits to develop or purchase new technology or upgrade their existing technology. While 501(c)(3) grants are an excellent source of revenue, nonprofit organizations should consider the following when evaluating grant opportunities. 

  • Review the foundation’s history to identify if it has offered technology grants for organizations like yours in the past, which may increase your odds.
  • Identify the average grant amount to decide whether it’s worth applying.
  • Ensure your organization meets all eligibility requirements before applying.

Check out these five technology grant options.

1. Cisco Product Grant Program

Cisco’s Product Grant Program reviews grants on a quarterly cycle:

  • August-October
  • November-January
  • February-April
  • May-July

This program donates networking and communication technology to help nonprofits gain productivity, scalability, and cost efficiency. Cisco considers nonprofits focused on economic empowerment, access to education, and crisis response. Your organization must meet the following requirements to be eligible for the grant program:

  • For U.S.-based nonprofits, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) must recognize your organizations as tax-exempt and classify you as a public charity.
  • Organizations outside the U.S. must provide documents and other relevant information to help Cisco verify they are equivalent to U.S. nonprofits. 
  • The cause of eligible grantees must benefit the community at large. 
  • Your organization’s overhead cost must not exceed 25%.

The maximum grant request for first-time applicants is $50,000. To apply, start with the eligibility quiz.

2. Impact Fund supports nonprofits accelerating impact through innovative communications technologies. They benefit organizations with communication strategies that make it easier for people to access services, engage with the community, or address community needs. A portion of funding is earmarked for organizations that help adults from underrepresented communities become developers.

In addition to the above eligibility requirements, your organization must meet the following qualifications: 

  • Your nonprofit must not be a government entity or political organization.
  • Unless you are an unregistered social impact initiative, you must provide legal documents proving you’re a nonprofit.’s grant cycle occurs annually, and they offer grants up to $150,000. To be informed of upcoming grants and access applications, fill out their contact form.

3. Technology Innovation Awards

Tech Forward offers grants up to $10,000 to nonprofits with technology-related projects that positively impact their communities, such as community apps or predictive analytics. Past recipients include Community Food Share, Turtle Island Restoration Network, and SAJE.

Eligible organizations must meet the following qualifications: 

  • The government must identify your organization as a charitable nonprofit unless you’re a church, private school, university, nonprofit hospital, governmental unit, or cooperative hospital organization. 
  • Your organization must demonstrate fiscal responsibility.
  • Your nonprofit must embrace diversity and inclusivity. The organization must not show any form of discrimination in service delivery.
  • Your annual operating budget must be at least $500,000.
  • Your organization must be willing to send a representative to the conference to accept the award. Travel stipends are available.

The 2022 application period opens in June. Get application details here.

4. LyftUp Community Grant

The LyftUp Community Grant awards up to $20,000 in ride credits to organizations making a difference in their communities. Applications are kept on file for a year and reviewed on a rolling basis. Your nonprofit organization is eligible for a Lyft community grant if you meet the following qualifications: 

  • Your organization must be registered as a nonprofit organization or financially sponsored by a registered nonprofit. 
  • You must have a website. 
  • Your organization’s cause focuses on Lyft-specified areas.
  • Application clearly states your mission and importance of your work in the specified metro area.
  • Application clearly states the role transportation plays in your organization’s mission or operations. 
  • You must outline a clear and impactful usage for the Lyft credits.

Rides cannot be for unaccompanied minors. Access the LyftUp Community Grant application here.

5. Salesforce Foundation Grant

The Salesforce Foundation supports nonprofits focusing on workforce development, education, child welfare, and thriving communities. Salesforce accepts grant requests on an invitation-only basis. 

The following are the requirements to be eligible for Salesforce grants: 

  • Your organization’s mission must align with Salesforce’s focus areas.
  • You must be able to prove your organization’s impact or have evidence-informed models.
  • Your organization must have a diverse leadership team reflective of the community they serve.

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