OnBoard Intelligent Assistant Simplifies Board Meeting Preparation

  • By: Adam Wire
  • May 9, 2024
Intelligent Assistant
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  • OnBoard Intelligent Assistant offers new features and tools designed to enhance board meeting preparation and execution.
  • Originally introduced as a beta for select customers, Intelligent Assistant is now available at no additional cost for all OnBoard Ultimate package customers and on a trial basis for anyone who is not currently an OnBoard customer, but is interested in becoming one.
  • Powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT and encoded and encrypted within Microsoft Azure, Intelligent Assistant protects users’ data security and confidentiality, delivering valuable insights based upon your personalized platform interactions.
  • Intelligent Assistant operates exclusively within the OnBoard platform, so the data doesn’t seep out to train future Large Language Models (LLM).

Are you interested in learning more innovative ways to make your board meeting preparation efficient? Are you wondering how artificial intelligence (AI) could play a role in doing so?

Meet OnBoard Intelligent Assistant. First introduced as a beta in 2023, Intelligent Assistant is an AI-powered capability that can understand your questions and can provide valuable insights from your board and governance information. It’s now available at no additional cost to all OnBoard Ultimate customers. 

The technology hasn’t made its way to every corporate boardroom, but it’s coming. A 2023 Gartner survey cited “AI was the top technology that CEOs believe will significantly impact their industry over the next three years, cited by 21% of survey respondents.” 

 Let’s take an in-depth look at the capability, and how it can benefit your board of directors, and by extension, your organization. 

How Does Intelligent Assistant Work? 

OnBoard Intelligent Assistant serves as a user-friendly AI capability, designed to enhance board professionals’ efficiency and streamline workflows by integrating seamlessly within the OnBoard platform. It delivers AI-driven insights that are tailored to unique contexts, and it’s especially good at summarizing large volumes of content and data, generating talking points, brainstorming, and identifying risks and trends that may otherwise go unnoticed by even the most astute board director. 

 This means board members will be more able to digest your organization’s information more quickly and easily. Say goodbye to spending hours on end reading reports, planning agenda items, or creating discussion points for meetings. Intelligent Assistant can support the bulk of the work for you, saving valuable time.  

How it works: 

  1. In the mobile app or web version of OnBoard, click or tap on the Intelligent Assistant icon to get started. 
  2. Intelligent Assistant is already aware of the meeting and resource document you’re reviewing at the moment.
  3. Open a sample document and ask it to do any of the following:
    • Summarize your document
    • Suggest action items
    • List potential risks
    • Provide talking points
    • Read it aloud to you
    • Draft short-form content
  4. Drag and drop the icon anywhere on your screen. 

What Are the Benefits to Intelligent Assistant? 

OnBoard Intelligent Assistant will help your board in myriad ways. Some enhance the benefits OnBoard’s board management platform already provide; others are net-new features that are unique to AI platforms. They include: 

  • Efficiency and Time Savings: Intelligent Assistant helps your board boost productivity with accurate insights, making board management tasks more efficient.
  • Secure and Private: Built on trusted Microsoft Azure technology, your data within Intelligent Assistant, like all your data within the OnBoard platform, remains secure and confidential, ensuring a worry-free experience.
  • AI-Driven Insights: Intelligent Assistant swiftly reviews and processes vast amounts of board-related data, quickly identifying key risks, uncovering hidden opportunities, and delivering valuable insights in real time.
  • Contextually Aware: Intelligent Assistant uniquely understands each user — from administrators to executives to independent board members. All responses to questions are aware of the context each user has, making it more powerful and useful in generating insights and efficiencies.
  • It’s Constantly Learning: Intelligent Assistant improves and learns over time as it receives more data, making it easier for every board meeting to be informed, effective, and uncomplicated.
  • It’s User-Friendly: Intelligent Assistant offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it incredibly easy to use, much like the portal as a whole.

Examples of Prompts to Use  

Interested in some specific ways you can utilize Intelligent Assistant? Try these in the platform: 

  • Summarize a document you currently have open in the platform. Consider specifying a word count, i.e., “Summarize this document in 100 words or less.”
  • Suggest talking points for the document.
  • Identify potential risks that are referenced within the document, or risks that could be deduced based upon the document’s contents.
  • Request a list of action items from the document (e.g., ask for a specific number of action items)
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Can Any OnBoard Customer Use Intelligent Assistant? 

OnBoard Intelligent Assistant is available to “Ultimate” package customers and is available on a trial basis for prospective customers. 

Is Intelligent Assistant Available on Any Device? 

OnBoard Intelligent Assistant is available on all mobile or web devices that OnBoard can be accessed, including iOS, iPhone, and iPad. 

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Enhance strategic meetings with OnBoard's intuitive board management tools.

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