OnBoard Webinar Sneak Preview: Q&A with Sarah Zapp of Beyond Board

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  • November 4, 2020
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When COVID-19 hit organizations around the globe overnight, it forced them to immediately move from in-person to virtual meetings. On paper, this sounds trivial. In actual practice, it has proven to be anything but.

The reason is simple: for effective and productive virtual board meetings, directors must be better prepared, more highly organized, and engage more collaboratively than in-person meetings.

We are very excited to host an upcoming webinar on Nov. 12 featuring Sarah Zapp, the Founder and CEO of the executive leadership community Beyond Board. In what promises to be a fascinating and insightful conversation, Sarah will share best-emerging practices for virtual meetings that she first laid out in her latest Harvard Business Review article.

We invite you to attend and participate in this webinar to learn the best practices that will help you navigate what comes next. Save your spot today!

We’re delighted to offer a brief Q&A with Sarah as a “sneak preview” of what participants can expect on Nov. 12.

What is the single biggest objection you’ve observed that board members have to virtual board meetings?

“People are ZOOMED OUT. The upsides of virtual board meetings – efficiency, cost, and effectiveness – are fantastic. But what people truly miss are the ‘moments’ created from nuanced conversations, nonverbal feedback, feelings of engagement, surprise conversations, and side conversations. At the end of the day, relationships are based on these moments.”

What will be the “new normal” for board meetings?

“The ‘new normal’ for organizations will be a hybrid of in-person and virtual board meetings. In-person meetings will not be completely replaced since they are valuable at times. But the same progressive and innovative companies that are embracing a ‘work remote’ culture are looking to embrace even more of a virtual environment, too.”

Join us on Nov. 12

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