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With OnBoard’s integration with Microsoft 365, your board professionals can combine the best of two powerful platforms for seamless workflows and collaboration. The Integration enables real-time edits, comments, and updates across Microsoft-native files that automatically sync to OnBoard.


Collaborate on a single document with multiple authors.


Share notes, add comments, update data, and fix mistakes instantly.


Work Together to polish the presentations with complete version control.

Version Control

Have a complete history file changes and restore documents to any past point.

Real-Time Collaboration

With everyone working on the same version of the document, there's no risk of confusion or conflicting changes. It's all there, in one place, for everyone to see. It promotes better communication and collaboration across your organization.

Unified Document Collaboration, Auto-Save, & Version History

Retain, maintain, and update board documents and files without logging in and out of multiple platforms. With OnBoard’s singularly easy-to-use platform, files save automatically with full version history.

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Unparalleled Document Security and Protection

Secure your Microsoft 365 documents using OnBoard's granular user-based permissions, Ensuring your cloud documents are protected using the same method and technology as everything else within the platform. 

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Microsoft 365 Integration for Document Editing

Product Update: OnBoard solution combines the best of two platforms, enabling real-time edits, comments, and updates across Microsoft files.

Thanks to OnBoard customer feedback, board professionals who use the board intelligence solution can now combine the best of two powerful platforms for seamless workflows and collaboration.

OnBoard’s latest product update, the Microsoft 365 Integration for Document Editing, includes the ability for Microsoft files such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and others to:

  • Open Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint for real-time collaboration within the OnBoard platform
  • Save within OnBoard to ensure files are secure and easily accessible
  • Users with Microsoft 365 accounts can set up integration easily with just a few clicks
  • Microsoft 365 file collaboration will be available within the OnBoard web app (there is not yet availability in iOS and Android)

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How Will This Integration Help Your Board?

From preparing documents for a board meeting to making edits to documents, Microsoft 365 Integration for Document Editing users can save time and ensure documents are secure within the platform.

Other benefits include:

  • Save time and simplify your processes: no need to download, make updates outside the system, and re-upload into OnBoard, as you probably had to do in the past
  • Better version control: Ensure everyone is using the most recent version and keep track of version history within the platform
  • Improve collaboration: Multiple editors can work together on a document, and users can see who is editing in real time.
  • Ensure security and confidentiality: Store documents within OnBoard’s secure platform and use permission settings to ensure documents are shared with the intended users.

Newest Microsoft 365 Integration view

The Essentials

What documents are supported? In addition to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, Microsoft Office Open XML file extensions (including .docx for documents, .xlsx for spreadsheets, and .pptx for presentations) are among the supported files. Older file types such as .doc, .xls, or .ppt will not be supported. Also, customers must have an Office 365 license to use this feature.

What else can we do with this integration? OnBoard’s Microsoft 365 integration will enable your board members and administrators (or anyone else you grant permission to access the files) to:

  • Redline and track changes
  • Make comments within the document (that said, you won’t be able to tag others in those comments)
  • Restrict files or folders via OnBoard’s file permission structure. Admins and collaborators will be able to edit files; members will be able to view files.
  • Carry over annotations as new versions become available (fast-follow releases are planned to include more controls around annotations).

How will pricing and packaging work? The Microsoft 365 file integration will be included as part of the Premium and Ultimate packages. There is not an add-on option for the Essentials package.

Who We Serve

OnBoard’s board intelligence solution serves over 5,000 organizations worldwide, and the platform hosts over 100,000 meetings per year. We’re passionate about inspiring and enabling organizations to do their best work in a digital world.

Industries we service include associations, banks, credit unions, education, government, health care, nonprofit, technology, transportation, and utilities, and our software is used by board chairs, board members, general counsel, chief executive officers/presidents, administrative assistants, and directors.

Are you interested in updating your OnBoard features to include the Microsoft 365 Integration for Document Editing? Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more. Interested in the OnBoard platform? Contact us to request a free trial.

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