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  • May 27, 2022
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Board of Directors Resolution Template

The board of directors has governance authority to act on behalf of its organization. No matter how frequent, these decisions must be appropriately documented through board resolutions.

With a board of directors resolution template, saved within a board portal or elsewhere, resolutions can be quickly written and stored securely. Learn more about the importance of a board resolution template and how to write one.

What is a Board of Directors' Resolution?

A board of directors’ resolution serves as a legal record of decisions made. If any decisions come into question, the resolution protects the board from liability. At any time, shareholders may request a copy of the board’s resolutions to review decisions made on their behalf. A resolution also acts as a record in case a compliance issue arises. 

A template for a board resolution makes it possible to document resolutions in an error-free and efficient manner. It provides consistency in your paperwork.

How to Write a Board of Directors' Resolution

A board resolution form should be written clearly and precisely, and not include any other detail besides the subject matter at hand. It must indicate board members’ decisions. Follow these steps to structure your board of directors’ resolutions (and the template).

1. Assign Resolution Number

Start by assigning a resolution number, and include it at the top of your resolution. If it’s the first template for board resolutions, assign a starting number, and give consecutive numbers to future resolutions. Assigning a resolution number makes it easy to retrieve the document later. 

2. Use Formal Language

Use formal language within your board of directors’ resolution template. Be concise and direct so nothing is left to interpretation.

3. Document Meeting Attendees

List the names of the meeting attendees for reference purposes. Documenting helps track the members involved in the making of critical resolutions.

4. Require Attendees to Sign and Date Resolution

The attendees should all sign the board of directors’ resolution, so leave a space for that and the date on the template. 

5. Leverage A Board Portal for Document Storage

A board portal platform allows digital collaboration and communication among the board of directors and offers secure document storage. You can use it to store board resolutions and other critical documents.

A portal eliminates the need to keep files in cabinets, saving on space and making it easy to retrieve documents when you need them. Additionally, it keeps the documents safe from unauthorized access and loss. 

Members of the board can log in to the portal and access what they need, such as meeting materials, strategic plans, audit results, policy manuals, and orientation materials. 

OnBoard Drives Board Effectiveness

A board of directors’ resolution template helps document critical board decisions, and OnBoard streamlines the process and assists with all board governance. Our portal platform allows you to store your resolutions safely, conduct meetings efficiently, and communicate and collaborate with other board members no matter your location.

Want to make board governance more effective and efficient? Request a free trial to experience how OnBoard can level up your boardroom.

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