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  • By: Adam Wire
  • June 20, 2024
Agenda Collaboration
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On most boards, the board administrator likely is solely responsible for building the meeting agenda inside your board management solution. But there will be times when it’s convenient to allow multiple people access to your agenda builder capability.

OnBoard has a solution. Its new Agenda Collaboration capability will redefine how board members and stakeholders collaborate during the agenda-planning process.

How so? It allows additional members of your board or organization to contribute to a meeting’s planning process by reviewing, commenting, and making recommendations to a meeting agenda.

This will streamline the meeting agenda process, reducing the need for last-minute changes to the agenda and ensuring when your meeting begins, the agenda is purpose-built for the board and its needs.

Let’s take an in-depth look at how Agenda Collaboration works.

How Will Agenda Collaboration Help My Board?

No two boards are alike, so every board will utilize the Agena Collaboration feature in different ways. But there are certainly common ways in which most boards will put the capability to use. Among them:

  • Centralize collaboration: Agenda Collaboration reduces reliance on outside tools during the agenda-planning process. Directors and administrators can conduct all their communication inside the OnBoard platform, removing the hassle of switching between multiple apps to discuss agenda items.
  • Save time: Complete edits, give and receive feedback, and answer questions, all before your meeting begins. The capability also enables users to jump from one section of the agenda to another by clicking on relevant comments, making navigation easy.
  • Real-time functionality: As soon as a comment or reply is added or resolved, your screen will automatically reflect that. If you edit, delete, or reopen a comment, your screen will display that instantly. Everyone’s screens are always current, keeping everyone up-to-date.
Agenda Collab

How Does It Work?

Agenda Collaboration is purpose-built for boards that need multiple stakeholders to be part of the agenda-planning process — and for administrators who build the agendas within OnBoard and want to ensure everything is done to satisfaction in an efficient, collaborative way.

Let’s examine some of the specific capabilities Agenda Collaboration offers:

  • Administrators and agenda viewers can comment on agenda items, resolve those comments, reply to comments, and delete a singular comment or an entire thread.
  • The comment panel will appear when you click “Show Comments” at the top of the agenda, next to “edit agenda.”
  • Administrators can add or manage reviewers and their permissions, and these can be changed at any time:
  • They can make any “reader” a “reviewer” so they can see the stage of editing the agenda.
  • Reviewers will be able to see all states of the agenda before publication.
  • They can also exclude reviewers from seeing certain agenda sections and the comments in that section, in the case of a conflict of interest a certain board member might have, or other privacy concerns.
  • In the “comment” panel, click the “all” tab to show all comments, the “resolved” tab to show the resolved ones, and “open” to show the open comments.
  • Each agenda section will have a number. That number represents the amount of open comments that pertain to that section.
  • Click the number to jump to and/or open the associated comments.
  • That number will update in real time as new comments are added.
  • When you resolve a comment, it will move from the “open” tab to the “resolved” tab. Users can also reopen a comment thread by going into the “resolved” tab and clicking “reopen” on a comment.
  • Everything is done in real time: Adding, deleting, resolving, replying, and editing is all shown in real time as soon as any user performs those actions.
Agenda Collaboration New Comment screenshot

We’re Here to Help

OnBoard constantly updates its board management solution to keep pace with customers’ needs and requests. Many of our new features are suggestions that come directly from customers.

Agenda Collaboration, like our other features, is a user-friendly option that is purpose-built to streamline your board’s processes. This particular feature is available to OnBoard users (admins and reviewers) with the “Ultimate” package, and as an add-on for  “Premium” subscribers. Contact your customer success manager or our 24/7 Support to explore this feature further and decide if it’s right for your board.

Want to go more in-depth on the Agenda Collaboration capability? Join OnBoard Co-Founder and CEO Paroon Chadha on July 25 for “The Power of Agenda Collaboration,” a webinar during which Paroon will share his expertise as a user of the product.

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