Meet OnBoard Intelligent Assistant


  • OnBoard Intelligent Assistant offers new features and tools designed to enrich board meeting experiences.
  • Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 and encoded within Microsoft Azure, the Assistant protects your data security and confidentiality, delivering valuable insights based on your personalized platform interaction.
  • The OnBoard Intelligent Assistant operates uniquely within OnBoard, meaning the data processed doesn’t contribute to training future AI models.
  • An ongoing beta program for OnBoard customers is ongoing.  
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Introducing Intelligent Assistant

Introducing OnBoard Intelligent Assistant, a new capability available now as a beta feature within OnBoard. Intelligent Assistant is a helpful and intuitive artificial intelligence that understands your questions and prompts and provides valuable insights gleaned from your board and governance information.

By utilizing OnBoard Intelligent Assistant, boards and their leadership, directors, and staff will experience the powerful benefits of artificial intelligence within a fully standalone board collaboration environment. This standalone, secure AI experience ensures security, confidentiality, and compliance without exposing sensitive board discussions, materials, or strategy outside of OnBoard.

Currently available as a beta feature; a sampling of dozens of OnBoard customers from a cross-section of board-led industries and organizations are actively using OnBoard Intelligent Assistant’s capabilities. These customers are interacting with and exploring this cutting-edge feature by exploring its AI capabilities and providing feedback to shape and improve Intelligent Assistant’s upcoming general accessibility launch.

Built on the secure encryption of Microsoft Azure and powered by AI, OnBoard Intelligent Assistant learns and improves over time, making it easier to make every board meeting informed, effective, and uncomplicated.

OnBoard Intelligent Assistant is designed with a deep and nuanced understanding of your role, responsibilities, and organizational context. It utilizes a system-level approach that includes user-specific and organization-wide information, ensuring it provides tailored insights relevant to each user’s unique needs.

OnBoard AI Master

Secure, Private, & Isolated AI Experience

No Data Collection

Questions and responses are not used to train public AI models

Microsoft Enabled AI

Microsoft Azure's robust security infrastructure and encryption

Controlled Access

OnBoard AI strictly adheres to your organization's user access controls

Certified Compliance

Certified: SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001, ISO 27701 HIPAA, GDPR

Because OnBoard Intelligent Assistant is built on the secure foundation of Microsoft’s Azure platform, your board data remains secure and confidential. Unlike other AI programs, prompts, inputs, and generated responses are not used to train publicly accessible AI models, safeguarding your organization’s confidentiality, communications, and data privacy.

And like the rest of OnBoard, Intelligent Assistant complies with industry-leading data processing and privacy standards including SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001, ISO 27701, and HIPAA certifications.

Intelligent Assistant also seamlessly adheres to your organization’s access controls and settings for OnBoard users, presenting only the information users have permission to view.

  • Safeguarding Sensitive and Confidential Information: For board professionals who want to fine-tune sensitive content, such as Executive Compensation Committee information, OnBoard Intelligent Assistant provides a secure, user-specific environment while maintaining the utmost confidentiality. Feel confident as you work with it to iterate, brainstorm, and refine in-progress board and committee materials.

Context Aware Intelligence

The OnBoard Intelligent Assistant understands the context of your board’s business or organizational profile, including regulatory and compliance information. It uses this context to inform responses and actions within the platform, adapts the information on your screen, and delivers relevant, personalized insights to support more informed decision-making.

Responses, analysis, and other information provided by Intelligent Assistant are uniquely tailored to your specific needs and requirements, supporting well-informed decisions that align precisely with your board’s agenda and objectives.

Intelligent Assistant can automate administrative assistance and tasks such as sending new meeting invites, assigning tasks, or building new meeting agendas, but also includes powerful capabilities for analysis of board materials and documents found within OnBoard.

  • Board Data and Activities Summary: When you navigate to your specific document or board book, ask OnBoard Intelligent Assistant to summarize the key findings, create follow-up asks, or create a meeting agenda. This approach provides precise results based on the organization’s defined access permissions.

  • Unique Corporate, Compliance, and Regulatory Profile Context: When enabled for your board, Intelligent Assistant considers your board’s unique profile when delivering responses. For example, a public company with a charter in the state of Delaware can prompt Intelligent Assistant to list specific duties and obligations for board directors required to comply with that region’s regulatory environment. 

Data-Driven Insights:

OnBoard Intelligent Assistant uses simple conversational inputs to provide responses that transform complex board-related data into clear and concise responses and summaries, that present key information in an easy-to-understand format.  

Using this capability, the Intelligent Assistant can scan and analyze vast amounts of board-related data to quickly identify key risks in real time, uncover hidden opportunities, and support well-informed decisions with AI-driven insights 

  • Risk Analysis: You can ask the OnBoard Intelligent Assistant to review your board documents and data and identify risks associated within your project plan.
  • Searching Topics or References: If you need to see your annual budget, search for ‘budget’ as your keyword. The OnBoard Intelligent Assistant will pull all references of the word ‘budget’ in your document for you to review quickly.
  • Create Discussion Points: You can ask the Assistant to extract key insights from complex data and create bullets to help facilitate meaningful conversations in board and committee meetings.  

Can you help me analyze the Marketing Report and identify any legal concerns we should keep in mind during the meeting>

Certainly! Here are some potential legal concerns and compliance issues based on the Marketing Report:

Advertising Compliance: The report mentions an aggressive advertising campaign. Ensure that all advertisements adhere to legal regulations and industry guidelines, avoiding false or misleading claims.

Data Privacy: The report highlights the use of customer data for targeted marketing campaigns. It’s essential to ensure compliance with data privacy laws, such as GDPR and CCPA, and obtain necessary user consents.

User-Friendly Interface:

Like the rest of the OnBoard platform, Intelligent Assistant is easy to use and understand. To use it, just click the Intelligent Assistant icon within your OnBoard instance, which opens a chat window. Type your questions or prompts and receive responses in real-time.  

 The Intelligent Assistant’s icon allows flexibility to position your Assistant anywhere on the screen or hide it when not needed. You can opt for the Intelligent Assistant to read responses back to you aloud, offering a hands-free way to gain insights. 

  • Simple to Use: Even if you or your board considers themselves “tech averse,” OnBoard Intelligent Assistant is easy to learn and use. Just type your prompt or request, like you’re emailing a friend, and it instantly understands what you need. You can even ask it general knowledge questions like, “What is the weather typically like in Japan in November?” or “What are ways to soothe mosquito bites?” or “Who won the 1959 World Series?”
  • Summarize and Read Aloud: When you’re busy multitasking and preparing for your upcoming board meeting, ask OnBoard Intelligent Assistance to read aloud the current agenda and summarize the key points.                         
  • Quick Document Summaries: When you’re short on time, you can just ask the OnBoard Intelligent Assistant to give you speedy summaries of your board documents.