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A Framework for Board Governance: Improving Board Diversity, composition planning, and succession efforts

Featuring Peter C. Browning, author of The Director’s Manual: A Framework for Board Governance

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Anyone who’s served on or supported a board knows that board diversity, composition, and succession are perennially important – and challenging – goals. New mandates, such as Nasdaq’s diversity reporting requirements and California’s board composition requirements, underscore the steady societal shift towards the increasing importance of these goals.

You’re invited to watch the special Atlas Leadership presentation with Peter C. Browning, author of The Director’s Manual: A Framework for Board Governance.

In this Atlas Leadership session, you’ll learn:

  • How to objectively evaluate the current state of your board’s diversity and composition
  • Proactive board composition and succession strategies with an eye towards filling gaps in skills, experience, or background
  • Recruiting and succession best practices to attract and acquire the right directors to achieve board composition goals and move your organization’s mission forward
  • Addressing challenges and solutions for onboarding new board members to maximize their effectiveness

Who is this webinar for?

Successful, effective board meetings are a team effort, and every element of board work can be optimized. This interactive session will be a learning opportunity for anyone who relies on effective board meetings, including:

  • CEOs & Leadership
  • Directors & Board Members
  • Administrative Support Staff

Meet The Speaker

Peter Brown Headshot

Peter C. Browning: Author / Speaker / Director

Peter Browning, founder and Managing Director of Peter Browning & Associates, LLC, a board advisory service, has a wide range of experience in business. Beginning as a sales trainee, he spent 24 years with the Continental Can Company, including President of two different divisions, last serving as Executive Vice President – Operating Officer. With experience on the boards of 13 public companies, two as CEO (Chief Executive Officer), including service as non-executive chairman, lead director and chair of audit, compensation, and governance/nominating committees. Since 1989, he has served on the board of directors of fourteen publicly traded companies, including ten years at Wachovia Corporation, sixteen years at Lowes Companies, sixteen years at Nucor Corporation where he served as non-executive chairman and lead director, and finally, fourteen years at EnPro Industries.


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