Passageways University: Bringing Customers Success

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Bringing Customer Success
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Passageways: Bringing Customers SuccessPassageways University has come to a close. It was an awesome few days where education, passion, and focus came together to create an environment that allowed our customers to gain essential skills and knowledge. They utilized the expertise of our Pathfinders to help set and reach goals both for themselves and their organizations making it an experience that has many wanting to come back again.

Over the course of the three days, Passageways offered many tracks that allowed customers the most flexibility when designing their schedule. They included:

  • OnBoard Training
  • Portal Relaunch Workshops
  • Workgroup Management and User Training
  • Modules such as: Help Desk, Expense Reports, and Forms Builder
  • Application such as: Custom Landing Page, Employee Recognition, and Learning management
  • Conversations
  • And more !

The OnBoard Training and the Portal Relaunch Workshop were definitely fan favorites among our customers. The OnBoard group was able to not only learn the ropes of our intuitive OnBoard solution, but they were also given time to populate their actual portals with the ability to ask a Pathfinder for help. In addition, the Portal Relaunch group had the ability to delve into particular obstacles they were facing with relaunching their existing portal. The relaunch promised to reap high rewards for the organizations from a task oriented and engagement standpoint.

The other tracks were just as informative offering information on how to create, manage, and utilize workgroups to the fullest as well as how to optimize their portals with modules like Help Desk that can redefine the process of gaining internal help and expertise in an organized manner. Also, the tracks were able to explore applications like Custom Landing Page where Best Practices were shared and customers were able to see the effects of a Custom landing Page on internal engagement and overall productivity.

Customers had nothing but immense positive feedback for the clarity of our trainings that offered hands-on learning. Many were thrilled that they were able to not only pick exactly what trainings and information they were exposed to, but also had the ability  to control the direction of the educational experience as a whole. Listen to what they had to say:

“Training has been fantastic. I’m a hands-on learner and being able to feel, touch, do, see has been great for me!” -Lisa Boaz, RushShelby Energy

“With hands-on training you can stop the instructor, ask questions, clarify, and then continue. I simply feel more prepared.” -Dawn Corbin, Barbados Public Workers’ Co-op Credit Union Limited

University had a lot to offer in terms of education and knowledge, but as most of our customers know, we are also an organization that likes to have fun. We were able to mix those two elements for an active training environment that was a perfect opportunity for our Pathfinders to get to know and have fun with our customers! To see pictures of the event check out our Facebook page here!

Passageways is very proud of our customers who attended.  Because by attending, they have taken steps to expand their Passageways product knowledge and have made commitments to apply that knowledge in their home organizations.We cannot thank our customers enough!


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