April 18TH @ 10:00 AM ET

Why You Need D&O Questionnaires

Webinar Series Part 5

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Conducting your D&O questionnaire doesn’t need to be a dreaded task. With OnBoard, you are able to transform a cumbersome process into a streamlined, automated, and replicable annual procedure.

On Thursday, April 18, at 10 AM ET, we will host our final webinar of the ‘Why You Need’ series, “Why You Need D&O Questionnaires.” 

Let Brian Martin, Customer Success Manager at OnBoard, be your guide as we walk through the benefits of Questionnaires, including: 

  • Templates to use year after year 
  • Pre-filled data 
  • eSignature 
  • PDF & Word Export 

…and more! See how you can make your questionnaire management effortless with uniquely tailored information and completion at your fingertips.

We look forward to seeing you there! 

Non-profit Board Specialist, OnBoard

Jeremy is a former CFRE, having raised nearly $25 Million for a broad range of cultural and higher ed instructions. A proud nonprofit tech geek at heart, Jeremy has dedicated the last seven years to consulting and advising nonprofits across a range of fundraising, finance, and board management solutions to help those doing good, do better.

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