April 4TH @ 2:00 PM ET

Why You Need Assessments and Skills Tracking

Webinar Series Part 4

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How often, and through which methods are you prioritizing strategic direction for and laying the groundwork of your board’s future? Assessing the performance and competencies of your board isn’t just a ‘new year’ task. 

On Thursday, April 4th at 2 PM, ET, our ’Why You Need’ series continues, as we uncover how to use OnBoard to support your mission of continuously enhancing your board’s performance. 

In “Why You Need Assessments and Skills Tracking,” we’ll discuss: 

  • Uncovering actionable insights through assessments using data visualization, anonymous feedback, templates, and real-time progress tracking. 
  • Achieving true board intelligence using skills tracking as you track board skills, simplify succession planning, have actionable board intelligence, and visualize your own skills. 

Come with questions and leave with a new approach and understanding of ‘why you need’ to utilize these must-have features. 

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Non-profit Board Specialist, OnBoard

Jeremy is a former CFRE, having raised nearly $25 Million for a broad range of cultural and higher ed instructions. A proud nonprofit tech geek at heart, Jeremy has dedicated the last seven years to consulting and advising nonprofits across a range of fundraising, finance, and board management solutions to help those doing good, do better.

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