Compliant and Intelligent Board Management for FQHCs

Recently, we sat down with OnBoard’s Community Healthcare Center (CHC) specialists, Donna McManmon and Amy Roth, for an exclusive session. Watch the session to see how centers across the country make the most of their monthly board meetings, while simultaneously enabling their staff, leaders, and board members to accelerate their decision making. 

Valley Professional Community Health Center
AGAPE Family Health
Konza Prairie Community Health Center
Jessie Trice Community Health System
Jericho Road Community Health Center
East Boston Neighborhood Health Center

Intelligent Board Management For Community Health Centers

At OnBoard, we believe board meetings should be informed, effective, and uncomplicated. That is why we give boards and leadership teams an elegant solution that simplifies governance. 


Streamlined Compliance

OnBoard’s tailor-made to help boards focus on their most important work – to service stakeholders efficiently, effectively, and collaboratively, all with the highest level of security and compliance that progressive governance requires. 

Effective Governance

Effective leadership means knowing what’s ahead. We give boards and their teams technology that uncovers insights and simplifies meeting management so they can anticipate challenges before they arise.

Intuitive and Engaging

OnBoard’s product design is not just about how the interface looks – it’s also about how the product works. Effective and uncompromising design solves for the practical needs of the board room, while reducing the cognitive overhead and keeping the board engaged.

Valley Professionals Community Health Center's CEO

It’s about compliance, when it comes to FQHC’s, we have so many guidelines that we have to follow with the Health Resources and Services Administration, we needed something to help us keep track. When we have those operational site visits with the HRSA, they want to know that our board meetings did take place, who was there, how do know who was on — and that’s really what the OnBoard has, we can show our reviewers that our board members did read the board book and here’s the proof. 
OnBoard has a very intuitive, very nice layout, for everyone to really find. For someone who is not computer savvy, many of our board members have never used an iPad before or touched a computer — we wanted something that was really easy to use and OnBoard was really one of the best out there.”
— T.J. Warren, CEO of Valley Professionals

A Secure Single System of Record

Because OnBoard creates a single system of record for all board meeting content, communication, and data, boards limit exposure to risk and reduce the number of vulnerable endpoints. One of the predominant advantages of the cloud-first platform is the native security, compliance,. and risk management capabilities that are native to the cloud (in OnBoard’scase, Microsoft Azure).


Zoom Integration

The Zoom integration enables directors and CEOs to meet face-to-face directly within the platform. No need to switch between apps.

Secure Messenger

OnBoard Messenger allows the board to quickly start individual or group conversations.


Upload the document that needs a signature and directors immediately receive a notification that a signature is pending, and with just one click they sign their name.

Engagement Analytics

Engagement Analytics prepares directors to better engage with board materials before meetings. Providing unique insights into your meeting.

Voting and Approvals

Govern from anywhere. Amend the annual budget, update the bylaws, any board actions can be voted on directly within OnBoard.

Task Management

Manage, organize, and track your most important action-items happening throughout your meeting cycle. 

Voting and Approvals

Govern from anywhere. Amend the annual budget, update the bylaws, any board actions can be voted on directly within OnBoard.

Minutes Builder

Unify your workflow by making minutes directly within OnBoard. Effortlessly take notes, create tasks, track attendance, and mark motions as the meeting progresses.

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Helping Admins With Compliance

For the purpose of collecting meeting minutes and packets for the HRSA Operational Site Visit that we had, it was super helpful because it was all in one place, it’s secure, and there’s a ton of storage in there. So it definitely takes care of the organization and security and all of that.”

—  Heather Goodhind, Chief of Staff and EA to the CEO, Caring Health Center, Inc.

Integrity and Transparency

To make sure it’s always safe and protected, we built our platform around the industry’s most advanced security protections from the ground up. And we have the credentials to prove it.

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SOC 2 Certified

Our procedures, controls and security practices have been audited by outside firms with a focus on our availability, security, privacy, confidentiality.

ISO 27001

ISO 27001 Certified

Our world-class security program and infrastructure is ISO 27001 certified, ensuring information assets such as financial data, intellectual property, and employee details are safe and secure.

GDPR Compliant

OnBoard is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It's part of our commitment to protecting the privacy of our customers around the world.

HIPAA Compliant

We know that healthcare providers experience frustration when selecting and adopting cloud solutions. That's why we've invested heavily into maintaining complete HIPAA Compliance.


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