June 13TH @ 2:00PM ET

Beyond the Board: Using OnBoard for Committees

with Max Franchitto, corporate advisor and Founder of MGF Consulting group, joined by Tamara Barr, Founder and Managing Director of CSB Corporate Services and Build Your Board.

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Struggling to keep track of notes, minutes, approvals, and endless documents for your boards and committees?  

Join us to discover how OnBoard can transform your experience to go beyond the board alone. Organizations using OnBoard for boards, committees, and special groups often see a 2x higher ROI compared to those using it for their main boards alone.

OnBoard becomes your central hub for everything related to board and committee governance. Streamline workflows, manage all reports and approvals in one place, and create a unified process across committees. OnBoard helps you achieve:  

  • Increased Productivity: Simplify processes and consolidate systems for a smoother workflow.  
  • Cost Savings: Reduce expenses by eliminating the need for multiple software tools.  
  • Enhanced Governance: Foster effective decision-making with reliable and readily accessible information.  
  • Built for Boards & Committees: Benefit from features specifically designed to meet your unique needs.

OnBoard – let’s streamline your board and committee experience!  

Corporate Advisor | Independent Director | Chairman | Speaker

Max Franchitto is the Founder and Managing Principal of MGF Consulting Group (est. 1999) and Build Your Board.  

Prior to establishing MGFCG , Max gained his experience (18 years in executive management) with significant achievements in executive roles within the financial services industry (Funds Management & Insurance). 

Max consults to a wide variety of Boards in both the Commercial and NFP space, on matters of Corporate Governance, Boardroom protocols, Director selection, Strategic Planning and Mergers and Acquisitions, his clients inevitably come back given his work ethic and dedication to the tasks he performs and the quality of his services. 

Founder and Managing Director, CSB Corporate Services

CSB Corporate Services was borne out of the passion and commitment to deliver a better service to entrepreneurial companies seeking to outsource their Corporate Governance Function.  We are forward thinking professionals seeking to work with likeminded businesses. 

Founded in 2015 in London and brought home to Melbourne in 2020, Clear Sky Blue is a fresh contender in the industry.  We bring a collective of experienced and professional governance lovers with an overall experience spanning more than 30 years. 

Tamara has been a practising Company Secretary and Corporate Governance Advisor for over 16 years’, working across a diverse range of corporate sectors and industries.  Tamara has worked predominantly in Australia, as well as in the UK and Europe, providing services to ASX listed, Public and NFP companies.

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