October 25th @ 2:00PM ET

The Art of Asking Questions in the Boardroom

With Lyn McDonnell

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Asking questions in the boardroom is one of the most important responsibilities of any board member/director. It’s an art that involves not only knowing what to ask but also how and when to ask it. As a director, asking the “right” questions fosters a culture of curiosity, inclusivity, and accountability, and drives better decision-making and outcomes for the board and its stakeholders.  


You’re invited to join the next ATLAS Leadership Series webinar featuring Lyn McDonnell, president of The Accountability Group and author of The Art of Asking Questions as a Director, a must-read chapter in the second and upcoming third editions of “The Handbook for Board Governance.” 


In this session, McDonnell will explore how directors and boards can benefit from the proactive practice of artful interrogatives, including:  

  • Why good questions drive better board outcomes 
  • How to create the right time, place, and context for thoughtful questions 
  • The essential board meeting factors to foster candor, curiosity, and accountability–and cut through false assumptions, spin, or sugarcoating

Lyn McDonnell

President, The Accountability Group Author, The Art of Asking Questions as a Director; “The Handbook of Board Governance” (2nd edition)

As the president of The Accountability Group, Lyn McDonnell’s goal is to help her customers create methodologies to good governance for more capable boards with positive partnerships with management and stakeholders. 


McDonnell has held executive positions as CEO and COO at national organizations and served on boards as both chair and director. She is a Chartered Director (C. Dir), Certified Management Consultant and Fellow and has provided governance training to directors in many sectors since 2006. 


Lyn has served as a chair for the Not-for-Profit Organizations Committee of CPA Canada, serving as Chair for four of those years. She is Past-President of the Institute of Certified Management Consultants of Ontario and currently teaches “Accountability Issues in the Public Sector” as part of the Master of Financial Accountability Program at York University in Toronto, Ontario.

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