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You’ve chosen OnBoard, but does that mean everyone’s ‘on board?’ It’s unlikely. You may have some board members hesitant to step out of their comfort zone, and that’s to be expected. If you’re hoping to see your board thrive in a digital environment, having buy-in is essential.

13 August 2024
2:00 PM ET

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How will you achieve buy-in from your board? How do other boards do this? What is your strategy for promoting adoption? How will you demonstrate value and necessity? 

If these are questions you have as you implement OnBoard, you’re not alone.  

Join us as Jessica Schillo, Senior Customer Manager at OnBoard, shares with you how this can be done efficiently, as she’s seen many customers hit the ground running. 

During This Webinar, Learn:

Understand the importance of board engagement.

Be equipped with tips and tricks.

Be more prepared to plan and execute a strategy.

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