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Migrating from a Legacy Board Portal and Embracing Technology


Moving on can be tough, and with technology that can present a whole new set of challenges.

Many boardrooms today find themselves in a world of outdated 3rd party board portals, paper, and PDFs. This array of board management can take away from thoughtful deliberation and leave the board spending much of its time on administrative management.

Join NAPAHE, AGB OnBoard, and a panel of Higher Education board professionals in a discussion on moving away from the chaos of legacy board platforms, PDFs, and Word documents into true board intelligence.

Joining our roundtable is special guests Heather Fehn, The College of New Jersey Chief of Staff, and Kai Swanson, Special Assistant to the President at Augustana College.

In This Session

  • Moving from a legacy board portal to a board intelligence platform
  • The challenges of going from pdf/word to board management portal
  • Concerns to address prior to the transition
  • Best practices and how to ease the challenges of a transition

Meet The Speakers

Kai Swanson , Assistant To The President, Augustana College

Kai Swanson is special assistant to the president at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois. His ‘other duties’ have included leading the college’s public radio station as interim general manager and guiding its art museum as interim director, but he’s also hustled drinks for Spike Lee and Cokie Roberts (sadly, not at the same party).

heather fehn AGB

Heather Fehn , Chief of Staff & Secretary To The Board of Trustees, The College of New Jersey

Heather Fehn has served as the Chief of Staff and Secretary to the Board of Trustees in the Office of the President at The College of New Jersey since 1996.

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