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Ensuring Business Resilience Amidst the Ongoing Crisis

In conversation with Dr. Jon R. Cohen and Stuart R. Levine on how boards and leaders can prepare for what comes next.

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The COVID-19 crisis has tested the resiliency of organizations small and large across all industries. With the onset of the new critical phase, where depending on how economies proceed to open, organizations need to act decisively to stay resilient as unanticipated twists and turns are more than likely to surface with the main emphasis on containing the pandemic. Considering the varying degrees of preparedness across organizations and the possibility of further disruption, it is vital for organizations to plan ahead to ensure ongoing resilience.

During this session, governance expert Stuart R. Levine and frontline leader amidst the crisis, Dr. Jon R. Cohen shared insights on complex and critical strategic communication and planning issues for you, your organization, and your board.

• Testing differences, reliability, results and implications for you and your organization
• Employee testing, opening businesses & decision-making around employees returning to work
• How to ensure your actions are driven by a mission-driven cultures and values
• The importance of establishing a strong rhythm of cimmunications with all stakeholders
• Planning and organizing around metrics that ensure accountability
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