Mastering Board Best Practices: Essential Skills for Effective Non-profit Leadership

With Dr. Emilie Socash, founder, Nonprofit Help Center

The session will cover the foundational principles of leadership related to fulfilling board responsibilities and governance obligations, providing a roadmap for nonprofit board members to excel in their roles.

18 July 2024
2:00 PM ET

What To Expect

Do you want a better understanding of the governance best practices that create the most effective outcomes for non-profit boards and the organizations they serve?

If so, you’re invited to join the next OnBoard ATLAS Leadership Series webinar on Thursday, July 18 at 2:00 PM ET, “Mastering Board Best Practices: Essential Skills for Effective Non-profit Leadership.”

In this comprehensive webinar, Dr. Emilie Socash, founder of the Nonprofit Help Center, will lead participants through a deep understanding of the leadership styles crucial for effective board governance and teach them how to evaluate and enhance their own leadership performance.

During This Webinar, Learn:

Identify and Understand Key Leadership Styles

Participants will learn about various leadership styles essential for non-profit board governance and how to apply them to fulfill board responsibilities effectively.

Implement Board Leadership Assessment

Attendees will gain practical tools and methodologies for conducting self evaluations around their board-focused leadership practices and behaviors.

Foster Collaboration and Strengthen Relationships

Through the use of self-evaluation data, participants will learn strategies to enhance collaboration between board members and executive leadership, ensuring a cohesive and productive governance team.

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Dr. Emilie Socash

Dr. Emilie Socash

Dr. Socash has crafted staff and board trainings that are backed by a deep understanding of psychological levers that drive charitable giving.

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