October 26th @ 2:00PM ET 

Navigating Your Charity Navigator Score with Board Management Software

With Jeremy Ladyga & Noelani Pearl Hernandez

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As covered in The Charity Navigator Masterclass, Charity Navigator’s rating system can serve as a roadmap for nonprofits to achieve and maintain overall excellence. Not only does adhering to their methodology promote organizational health – it also signals to potential donors that a nonprofit will steward their donations effectively and responsibly. 


Modern technology continues to be a crucial, and sometimes underutilized, tool for nonprofits when making decisions that will impact and involve the entire organization, such as their Charity Navigator score. And since so much of the rating criteria is related to governance processes, board management software can be a particularly effective tool for living up to the standards that Charity Navigator sets. 


Join OnBoard for a webinar that explores how board management software can be a useful tool for nonprofits to address and navigate the organizational processes that impact their Charity Navigator score. 


Attendees will learn: 

  • How governance and the standards set by Charity Navigator’s methodology intersect 
  • How board management software can help improve governance that could improve your Charity Navigator score 
  • Best practices for leveraging a board management platform when thinking about your Charity Navigator score 

Jeremy Ladyga

Nonprofit Board Consultant, OnBoard

Noelani Pearl Hernandez

Vice President, Culture & Leadership, Charity Navigator

Karen Graham is a nonprofit technology strategist who loves helping people solve problems and enabling organizations to more effectively achieve its mission.  


She has more than twenty years of experience in nonprofit leadership, consulting, and capacity building and broad knowledge of how people, process, and technology can work together to create impact. She advises non-profit organizations on technology leadership, software selection, user adoption, innovation, and strategic IT alignment. 

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