Moving The Board Forward

How Digital Advances Improve Governance & Effectiveness

The accelerated adoption of digital technologies and virtual meetings spurred by the pandemic has allowed boards to realize efficiencies on an all new scale, as they have ditched physical board books for mobile devices with multifactor authentication, or used analytics to build smart, data-driven board agendas.
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The promise of boardroom technology is not that it transforms the nature of board meetings themselves. Rather, it is that everything runs faster, smarter, and more effectively. According to a recent OnBoard study, 81% of surveyed boards that use board management software noted an improvement in board effectiveness. Among boards that don’t use such software, only 58% reported increased effectiveness.

For forward thinkers in the boardroom technology space, this is just the beginning of a new era.

In this report learn how digital technologies are transforming:
  • Board meeting preparation 
  • Hosting board and committee meetings 
  • Board meeting analytics 
  • Board meeting security 
  • The future of corporate board meetings
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