Advance The Salvation Army’s Governance With OnBoard

OnBoard delivers an intuitive and secure board management experience, tailor-made for the dedicated stewards at The Salvation Army. Our platform enhances meeting efficiency, aligns with your National Standards of Excellence, and liberates you from the limitations of paper and PDF management, enabling you to focus on what truly matters—your mission.

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Mission-Driven Governance

OnBoard is engineered to enhance collaboration, maintain the highest security standards, and streamline every aspect of board management. With OnBoard, you have all the tools required for governance that aligns seamlessly with your mission and values.

Trusted by Leaders in Service

Join a prestigious community of organizations that have elevated their governance with OnBoard. The Salvation Army and its partners share a commitment to excellence—see who’s already enhancing their mission with us:

Empowered Leaders, Transformative Results

 Hear from executives and board members who have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of OnBoard. Their experiences underscore the practical benefits and strategic advancements that your board stands to gain.

Linda ShanklinPresident, Mothers of Professional Basketball Players, Inc.
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"With OnBoard, you’re not bogged down with email attachments. That is what drove me crazy. Now, I use only OnBoard and that is my one source of communication."
Retta CurnealExecutive to the President and Human Resources Specialist, United Way of Southwest Michigan
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“We were wanting to step up and bring things into this century. Honestly, for board and committee meetings, it probably takes me 50% less time to prepare for and administer them.”
Christina RitterSenior Executive Assistant, Nonprofit Association of Educational Institutions
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"I felt really comfortable after the training that when I was playing around with it I wasn’t going to break it or do anything crazy,” Christina said. “The more I played with it, the more intuitive I felt it was."
Andia DinesenEVP, Communications and Operations, Association of Military Banks of America
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“It’s so easy when we create the board books. The last product we were using, there was this lull between opening a copy-and-edit sort of tool, and then I had to wait for it to actually save…losing that irritation is my biggest ROI.”
Nicole CritesBoard Liaison & Corporate Board Secretary, Mercy Corps
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“One thing that we love about OnBoard is it really maintains a comprehensive digital record of all our board and committee meetings and decisions made. This documentation is crucial in demonstrating responsible governance and compliance during audits.”
Christina RitterSenior Executive Assistant, Nonprofit Association of Educational Institutions
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“Our senior director of IT manages all our technology,” Christina said. “She said that of all the platforms she’s worked with, this is the easiest implementation process she’s ever worked with.”

Secure Stewardship

 OnBoard safeguards The Salvation Army’s sensitive information with industry-leading encryption, access controls, and compliance standards ensuring that your focus remains steadfast on service and governance, fortified against any threats.

United Way of Southwest Michigan

OnBoard modernizes how nonprofit board serves its community.

Mothers of Professional Basketball Players

Indiana-based charitable nonprofit organization.

Australian Clinical Trials Alliance

A board management platform tailored for time savings for unique nonprofit organisations.

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Streamline your board meetings and unlock valuable insights with OnBoard’s powerful platform. Experience the difference of secure, efficient, and intuitive board management software designed for success.