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OnBoard’s easy-to-use, easy-to-implement board management solution helped this Australian company increase efficiency and consistency.

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Industry: Payroll, recruitment, novated car leasing and service/ Veteran charities 
Headquarters: Canberra, Australia 

Board Management Goals

  • Easy-to-use platform across multiple companies
  • High value, low cost, fast implementation
  • Improved document standardisation


  • 50%–60% greater efficiency
  • Intuitive interface
  • Documents consistency across companies

An easy-to-use, easy-to-implement board management solution

The PayMe Group is a family of four Australian companies started by veteran Ian Lindgren. After retiring from the military after 21 years of service, Lindgren and his wife started PayMe, now one of Australia’s largest contractor payroll companies. He also founded a low-cost payroll company called JustPays, a novated car leasing company called Alliance Leasing, and acquired a recruitment company called Effective People. The PayMe Group has a four-member board, of which Lindgren is chairman.

When seeking a board management platform, Lindgren researched other packages, including market leaders. “I found them extraordinarily expensive when you consider the capabilities of each system,” Lindgren says. “Also, I found that some of the more commonly used products weren’t very user-friendly.”

In fact, user-friendliness was the ultimate test that tipped the scales to OnBoard. “The test was whether or not I had to actually instruct anyone on how to use the software.” Only OnBoard was sufficiently intuitive—so much so that he and a secretary implemented OnBoard in one week and introduced it in real time during a board meeting. “That was powerfully convincing,” he recalls.

“I believe that our use of OnBoard has allowed us to implement the highest standards of corporate governance that other veteran organisations can only aspire to.”

— Ian Lindgren, Chairman of the Board, PayMe


The perfect platform for a ‘stickler for standardisation’

“OnBoard was very simple in terms of creating your first agenda and then standardising that,” Lindgren adds. He also appreciates OnBoard’s modern interface and drag-and-drop features. “It’s easy to modify things,” he says. “With other products, you have to go backward and forward two or three times to update agenda items.”

The improvement has been substantial. Since implementing OnBoard, Lindgren estimates an efficiency gain of 50–60%. He first noticed how just how efficient his companies had become when holding meetings with remote colleagues.

“Regardless of distance, OnBoard provided instantaneous updates, as fast as email flows but without any email hassle,” he says. “The appointments go straight into your calendar, synchronised across all the devices. I found that was a huge time savings. I didn’t have to follow up with a telephone call or any other correspondence.”

With OnBoard, Lindgren was able to create consistency in documentation across all his companies. “I’m a stickler for standardisation,” says Lindgren, a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) who also mentors others in the Australian veteran community about governance best practices.

“It took a tool like OnBoard to help us introduce good governance into the organisation and bring it from a state based ex-service organisation to national charity.”

— Ian Lindgren, Chairman of the Board, PayMe


The benefits of using OnBoard keep evolving

Lindgren uses OnBoard not only in his businesses, but also with another veterans’ organisation. “Our sole corporate responsibility initiative is the Australian Peacekeeper and Peacemaker Veterans’ Association. We are its largest donor.” Using OnBoard within the veterans group has helped it thrive and grow. “It took a tool like OnBoard to help us introduce good governance into the organisation and bring it from a state based ex-service organisation to national charity.”

Lindgren says he likes the security OnBoard brings, especially against cyberattacks. “You don’t have to send emails with packages. There is an email that goes out with some simple text in it advising people to go and have a look in OnBoard.” He also likes the speed OnBoard brings to board meetings. “If the secretary is keeping up with the decisions, agreements, and notes that are made, you can actually sign off on the board meeting within minutes after the meeting is finished.”

Lindgren enjoys the continual improvements OnBoard makes to its products and services—especially the introduction of “timely and enthusiastic” local Australian support into its customer service.

Overall, Lindgren gives OnBoard a 10 out of 10. “I’m 100% satisfied,” he states.

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