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Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE)

CASE successfully transitioned to OnBoard, streamlining their governance with a centralized, intuitive platform that enhanced professionalism and meeting efficiency. The seamless implementation and user-friendly interface led to a smooth adoption and positive reception among

Case Case Study

Industry: Nonprofit Association of Educational Institutions

Headquarters: Washington D.C.

Board Management Goals

  • Seamless Implementation
  • Centralized Documentation
  •  Ease of Use


  • Cumbersome Board Process

  • Lack of Centralized Control

  • Impending Software Phase Out


  • Streamlined Transition 
  • Enhanced Professionalism and Organization
  • Increased Efficiency and Engagement

Executive Summary

CASE used a homegrown board portal that involved compiling documents and uploading them to a password-protected homegrown portal. The organization sought a more professional solution and also learned the homegrown portal they had been using would be sunset, Christina Ritter, Senior Executive Assistant at CASE, attended a conference where OnBoard was showcased.

Intrigued by its features and the association with the Association of Governing Boards in Higher Education (AGB), a CASE partner, they decided to adopt OnBoard, setting the stage for a transformative shift in their board meeting dynamics.

In this case study, we will share how CASE navigated the challenges of moving from a legacy solution to a new software, how a successful implementation helped set the stage for adoption, and how using a board management solution brought a level of professionalism that did not previously exist. “


CASE was faced with a sunsetting homegrown board portal and a desire to bring a more professional environment to their board process. Their previous process involved compiling board documents into complex PDFs and uploading them to their homegrown password-protected website, resulting in a lack of security and centralized controls, and making it cumbersome to manage board-related materials effectively. CASE saw potential in not just replacing their current system, but adding more functionality and an increased level of professionalism to their current process.

Ritter said she was still nervous because she wasn’t sure CASE could go from nothing to training everybody and making it happen for November. “It felt like there was a lot to do in a short amount of time,” she said. “Once we started, we were connected with [Implementation Consultant] Gina Guy. She was our onboarding consultant, and she was so patient with us and trained us.”

"Working with CASE to implement OnBoard was an incredibly rewarding experience. Their dedication to excellence made our collaboration seamless, and it was inspiring to see them embrace our platform"

Gina Guy

- Gina Guy, OnBoard Implementation Consultant

"It made it so much easier to keep track of the notes and the minutes and the things you need to keep track of are just in it. It wasn't as cumbersome to come back and do minutes after the meeting and everything. It just made it.”

- Christina Ritter, Senior Executive Assistant at CASE



The implementation process commenced during late summer, with a goal to go live for their November board meeting. Christina, supported by a dedicated team, including her vice president and IT personnel, worked closely with Gina in their transition from a traditional approach to a modern board portal.

Gina played a pivotal role in easing the transition. Through patient and comprehensive training sessions, Gina ensured the team felt confident and competent in utilizing the software. Four training sessions accommodated board members who lived in various time zones, and OnBoard made recorded sessions available, ensuring all board members could participate.

“I felt really comfortable after the training that when I was playing around with it I wasn’t going to break it or do anything crazy,” Christina said. “The more I played with it, the more intuitive I felt it was.”

The transition from implementation to ongoing use has been smooth for CASE. They haven’t needed extensive support from a customer success manager yet, thanks in part to the proactive outreach from OnBoard’s team.

“Our senior director of IT manages all our technology,” Christina said. “She said that of all the platforms she’s worked with, this is the easiest implementation process she’s ever worked with.”

Key Achievements

  • Intuitive Interface: OnBoard’s user-friendly interface made it easy for CASE to navigate and use. The platform’s intuitiveness became apparent during training sessions, boosting the team’s confidence.
  • Professionalism Enhancement: OnBoard elevated CASE’s professional image, especially in the eyes of board members who were already familiar with similar platforms. The transition to an interactive, accessible portal contributed to a more polished organizational structure.
  • Efficiency Gains: The software streamlined the process of creating and managing board materials. Notably, the platform eased the burden of minute-taking, making it a less stressful aspect of managing meetings.
  • Positive Board Reception: Board members, some already accustomed to using similar platforms, embraced OnBoard seamlessly.


With OnBoard, CASE found a seamless implementation, positive user experience, and an immediate impact of their board meetings.

CASE’s successful OnBoard adoption stands as a testament to the OnBoard’s award winning Implementation and Customer Success teams, making OnBoard a vital part of CASE’s board meeting process before, during, and after the meeting.

“I felt like it really upped our game and it was just easy,” Christina said.

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