Passageways Announces New Secure Messaging Service

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Passageways Announces System Permissions
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Passageways Press Release

LAFAYETTE, IN — November 21, 2017 — Passageways Inc., the leader in board meeting solutions and employee intranets, today announced the development of a secure messaging service for its OnBoard platform. This new service will drive focused and deliberate conversations around board packets, meeting preparation, and strategic objectives.

“We will deliver a unified messaging service with a specific purpose,” said Paroon Chadha, Passageways Co-Founder and CEO. “The messaging experience will improve board collaboration and make boardroom decisions more deliberate by having conversations anchored on OnBoard content. If a director finds a curiosity, an insight, or an anomaly in their board information, they will have the capability to tap that item and immediately start a conversation with whomever to discuss the subject. Most importantly, the secure messenger takes these sensitive conversations off unsecured channels like email; limiting liability and reducing discovery costs while creating a closed loop system that provides a holistically secure board meeting experience.”

The secure messaging service will be integrated for all OnBoard users on the web and will ship with a standalone application for smart devices. Once a conversation is started it may be continued on either the web or app. The secure messaging service will expand to serve our customers in the employee collaboration space.

“The messenger will be used to coordinate meeting logistics, to gain feedback on reports, and to discuss the strategic importance of any number of consequential items in a board book,” said David Alder, OnBoard director of product. “We are building secure messaging with a purpose, to enhance collaboration around board meeting preparation and execution, anchored to our OnBoard platform. We want directors to immediately get the information they need to execute from their board colleagues or the experts in their organization.”

Secure messaging will include active channels, group conversations, and direct messages. The secure messaging service will be available in early 2018 for OnBoard customers.

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