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GDPR Passageways

The emails cluttering your inbox this past week with privacy settings updates are happening for a reason: A sweeping new European data privacy law goes into effect today that is having a profound impact on everyone.

The European Unions new data privacy laws went into effect today and we wanted to explain a bit about how Passageways prepared for these changes. Referred to as GDPR, the regulations are aimed at protecting  EU citizens’ personal data and increasing the onus on organizations to deal with that data in transparent and secure ways.

A Brief Overview of GDPR

GDPR is a series of regulations spelling out the digital rights for citizens of the European Union. There’s nothing analogous to GDPR in the United States, and likely won’t be for the foreseeable future. But in practice, the new rules will have widespread ramifications as even U.S.-based companies who handle the data of E.U. citizens as they ensure they’re in compliance. The changes you’re seeing in corporate privacy policies is one example.

In Europe, though, GDPR represents one of the most robust data privacy laws in the world. It gives people the right to ask companies how their personal data is collected and stored, how it’s being used, and request that personal data be deleted. It also requires that companies clearly explain how your data is stored and used, and get your consent before collecting it. “Personal data,” in this case, refers to things like a person’s name, email, and IP address, but also pseudonymized information that could be traced back to them.  

What Passageways is doing about GDPR


We’ve updated our privacy policy align with the new regulations and we’re using this opportunity to make these updates globally because we think they’re fundamentally better for our community. You can find an updated version of our privacy policy here:


A significant aspect of GDPR involves ensuring anyone we email in the EU has given us consent to do so. Organizations need to collect the consent of individuals to hold their data. To accommodate this, based on the IP address, visitors on our website will now asked to provide explicit permission for continued contact whenever they fill out a form to download a gated asset. If they do not check this box, we cannot collect their information. 

New Features

In addition to a new Privacy Policy aimed at clarifying what information we collect and how we use it, there are also some new features. For example, you can now specify what types of content you’d like to recieve from Passageways. Anyone in our database to explicitly choose what types of communications they would like to receive from us. You can find that here:

Product Data

OnBoard leverages Microsoft Azure for its cloud data management – ensuring GDPR compliance and peace of mind.

Where can I go to find out more?

Here’s a detailed checklist of the things companies must do to be in compliance. And here’s where you can find the text of GDPR itself.

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