Pan American Bank: A Strategy For Success

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strategy for success
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Strategy for SuccessPan American Bank’s strategic plan called for finding a way to streamline their board meeting process and replace their paper bound board books. After surveying solutions they discovered Passageways, a provider of boardroom software solutions for banks and financial institutions. Passageways’ OnBoard offered an intuitive and powerful solution for managing meetings. Soon after, Pan American implemented OnBoard and discovered that a digital boardroom allowed their directors to focus on moving their bank forward.

Pan American’s plan called for finding a software solution that was easy to use, secure, and affordable. “When I stacked you up against your competitors, you guys came out on top
at all three categories. And not just by a little bit, but by a lot,” said Randy Blackburn, Pan American Bank’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. “You exceeded my expectations around cost. You exceeded my expectations around security. It all comes down to this, we were able to pick OnBoard up, have a meeting and you not even realize all the technology that went into making this so easy.”

Pan American Bank’s adoption of OnBoard was an unequivocal success. During the first meeting following the rollout, the directors simply picked it up and started using it. “[The] directors didn’t even realize that we didn’t have to put any effort into learning your software. We were just like Holy Cow, everybody’s already got their meeting set up.” Their expectation was that OnBoard would just work, and it did.

The Board rejoiced in no longer using paper, they loved having all the updated material ahead of time. The simplicity of the interface facilitated faster and more reliable access to

their documents than ever before. OnBoard’s annotations tool allowed notes to be made and stored as meetings proceeded. Offline access on the iPad helped directors securely view their board packets when no internet connection was available. Importantly, all the previous agenda items are stored on the app, making reference to previous meetings just a few taps away. Pan America’s busy directors now have the flexibility of when and where to review their board documents.

Randy Blackburn has offered one piece of advice for groups who are preparing to implement OnBoard, “Be creative with it. Don’t be afraid of it. Really think about your organization and match OnBoard to your organization, don’t follow traditional IT rules, map OnBoard to the structure of your organization. It’s really not an IT thing; it’s that easy to use.”

When OnBoard helps banks streamline their meetings
and reduces structural costs, those institutions stand better equipped to focus on continued success. Passageways is proud to be a part of Pan American Bank’s transition to an easy, powerful, and secure boardroom.

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