OnBoard Product Updates: February 2022

  • By: Adam Wire
  • March 14, 2022
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You spoke, OnBoard listened. Check out some of the innovative updates OnBoard is introducing to make boards more informed, effective, and uncomplicated.  

Whether you’re a director on a board of 10 or an administrator managing dozens of boards and committees, your teams need to communicate in a trusted, secure way. That’s why we’ve created two new capabilities to help you collaborate and share information all within OnBoard’s secure board intelligence platform.

Secure Board Collaboration with Shared Annotations in Resources

OnBoard extends one of the most popular collaboration capabilities in the board book to the resources section. Members can now collaborate and share annotations on a document with other organization members within resources.

You can start a conversation about any aspect of a document — whether it’s confirming numbers in a report, asking questions about a policy, or highlighting and sharing sections of your organization’s bylaws. You can ensure your conversation is shared with its intended audience too. OnBoard’s permissions provide an uncomplicated way to see and manage who can access annotations. There are also plenty of annotations options, including digital notes, freehand notes, and highlights.

Shared Annotations

Improving Mobile Decision-Making

OnBoard’s voting and approvals feature helps boards act decisively. You can now add and view supporting materials to approvals for members on the go, helping provide information and context for better decision-making. The new drag-and-drop feature offers a quick, intuitive way to add documents and images directly into an approval discussion. Board and committee members can also use their mobile device’s camera to upload images to the approvals discussion and use comments to link to a website, helping members better collaborate on essential discussions and decisions.

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These options offer more convenience for busy board directors and members, so they can stay on top of important board business while still tending to life’s other demands … and it’s one more way OnBoard’s board management software serves as a holistic source of truth and a system of record for boards and all their members.

Have a question about any of our features? Contact us for help.

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