OnBoard May 2021 Release Preview: New Core Features on the Way 

  • By: Karen Griffin
  • April 29, 2021
New OnBoard Release
Reading Time: 3 minutes

New features coming soon to better manage your board’s agenda as well as term limits and roles 

The May OnBoard release is almost here! In this post, we’ll dig into upcoming new features that are a part of this release that will enable your board to improve efficiency. These features drive effective use of meeting time with agenda time management, increased efficiency, and governance best practices and transparency via term limit and role tracking. 

These features are all in the OnBoard Core package – so every customer will be able to immediately take advantage of everything that is outlined below! Beyond these features – we have several more items coming in this impactful release, so be sure to check back for more exciting product news.

Agenda Time Management 

Chances are you’ve had a board or committee meeting run over time. It’s easy to do especially when there are key decisions to make or hot topic issues that require discussion and debate. One way to ensure meetings progress is to have a constant awareness of where the meeting should be based on the time that has elapsed. 

OnBoard’s Agenda Time Management leverages the duration of time you enter in the agenda sections in your meeting to help you see how it is progressing. This acts as a pace keeper with a redline indicator to let you know if you’re ahead or behind your set schedule.

The feature also provides a subtle 15-minute warning that lets you know your meeting time is coming to an end. That way you can wrap up your minutes, identify additional items that need to be tabled, or make decisions before your meeting adjourns.


Term Limits & Roles 

Many organizations have a governance best practice that includes term limits to bring a fresh perspective to the board. New board members bring a different outlook based on their experience, education, and skills.

Adding new board members is also an opportunity to encourage diversity and inclusion to expand a board’s knowledge base and ability to advise leadership. You can read more about why term limits are a good idea here.  

With our new Term Limits & Roles feature, there is a way to easily track previous and current board and committee roles and terms right within OnBoard. 

Board administrators and chairs can access terms and roles for critical planning needs including diversity and inclusion and succession planning. This gives your board a better way to plan and track board membership to adhere to governance bylaws.  

With OnBoard’s Term and Limits, you now have the ultimate flexibility to specify roles for your board and committee members. Easily add roles to allocate responsibilities to the right people and add term information including number of term(s) served, term start and end date. Quickly see your members’ term status (e.g., active, past, etc.) to manage members’ term status and begin plans for members serving their last term.  

In addition to the visualization and organization that this feature will provide, we will also be providing Recommended Actions. These data-driven notifications will raise awareness of important term information about whose term is about to end, and who is on their last term helping keep the importance of recruiting, succession, and nominating top of mind.   

We hope you enjoy these exciting new features in OnBoard. As always, keep letting us know how we can continue to improve the software to make you more productive, efficient, and profitable, feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or send us a note at [email protected].