Introducing Zoom for OnBoard: Meet Together Even When You’re Apart

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  • April 20, 2020
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Introducing Zoom for OnBoard

Key Takeaways

  • Zoom for Onboard natively integrates the two platforms together.
  • The new product capability is a direct response to the massive shift to virtual meetings brought on by COVID-19.
  • Meeting details never leave OnBoard, so this increases security and decreases the likelihood of “Zoombombing” or exposure of your meeting ID or password.

We are proud to announce the official launch of Zoom for OnBoard, an enhanced product capability which is available now and free for all customers.

OnBoard has always served as the perfect complement with all of the popular video conferencing solutions (e.g., GoToMeeting, WebEx, Skype, etc.). Now, we’ve made the user experience even better with native integration – a first for the board management software category. Zoom for Onboard enables directors and CEO’s to meet virtually within the platform. You don’t need to share meeting details outside OnBoard, and there’s no longer any need to switch between apps.

“We’ve worked quickly to bring Zoom for OnBoard to customers so they can have a successful virtual meeting. They don’t have to switch between apps and don’t have to share Zoom links over email or SMS.”

– Paroon Chadha, Passageways Co-founder and CEO

“This is a game-changer for virtual meeting management software,” said Passageways co-founder and CEO Paroon Chadha. “As customers have switched to virtual meetings, native integration with Zoom has consistently been the first thing they asked for. We’ve worked quickly to bring this new feature to them so they can have a successful virtual meeting. They don’t have to switch between apps, and don’t have to share Zoom links over email or SMS.”

Zoom for OnBoard is a Direct Response to COVID-19

This new functionality is a direct response to the changes and disruption organizations everywhere are already experiencing. The COVID-19 crisis created an unprecedented situation where virtual meetings and remote work replaced physical, in-person interactions in nearly every organization across all industries, demographics, and regions.

“This massive shift to virtual meetings wasn’t a gradual process. It happened overnight,” said VP of Marketing Rashmi Bijai. “Many customers have told us that they are holding their first virtual board meeting. This product capability allows board directors to participate in meetings using Zoom’s user-friendly environment with no sacrifice of ease-of-use or full functionality.”

No Second App, No Learning Curve, No Zoombombing

With OnBoard’s native integration with Zoom, customers will experience several benefits:

  1. Seamless, Single App Attendee Experience for Board Directors and Executives
    Meeting attendees such as board directors and executives can now launch their Zoom virtual meeting directly within OnBoard with one click and retain all of the functionality of OnBoard (e.g., refer to prior board books and minutes, utilize Messenger, create and share annotations, respond to surveys, etc.). There’s no longer a need for multiple devices or apps, as this function provides an all-in-one remote leadership and board meeting solution.
  2. Simplified Scheduling & Meeting Communications For Meeting Organizers
    Meeting organizers and administrators can connect their Zoom accounts to OnBoard, which enables them to create Zoom meetings without ever leaving the OnBoard platform. Meeting organizers no longer have to jump between two systems or copy and paste meeting details in separate apps.
  3. No Zoombombing Because Meeting Details Never Leave OnBoard
    By creating the Zoom meeting in OnBoard versus sending links and invitations via email or SMS, meeting details remain secure and confidential. There’s no risk of exposing your Zoom meeting ID and password because, from the moment of meeting creation, the meeting details never leave OnBoard.

What To Do Next

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• Visit the Passageways COVID-19 Resource Center
• Read the Guide to Virtual Board Meetings Using OnBoard

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