Culture Champion: A Chance to Recognize Your Workplace Hero

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ICBA Blog Post Master

We believe that a diverse set of experiences and perspectives are required to forge the future of enterprise collaboration. Everyone from the Teller to the Office Manager to the President of the bank deserves an opportunity to network with their peers, pursue innovative ways to engage their employees, and see how technology is revolutionizing how community banks collaborate. These experiences should not be limited to title.

That’s why Passageways and ICBA (Independent Community Bankers of America) have come together to recognize and celebrate exceptional employees with the Emerging & Collaborative Leaders Scholarship. These are leaders who commit themselves wholeheartedly to a mission of creating a space where employees are at-ease with one another and able to focus on opportunities to innovate and collaborate.

We need your help identifying and nominating these unique individuals so that they can join us at PowWoW, where they will have the chance to engage with peers and learn how technology is enabling leaders like themselves to steer the next generation of innovation in secure enterprise collaboration technology.

To nominate an Emerging & Collaborative Leader:

  1. Identify someone in your workplace who embodies a dedication to workplace culture and employee engagement
  2. Navigate to the Emerging & Collaborative Leaders Scholarship page
  3. Complete your nomination
  4. You and your nominee will receive an email confirmation

We are looking for candidates who are known for their dedication to culture and employee engagement. This could be someone who is known for solving problems among employees, pioneering initiatives to improve employee and customer experiences, serving as a leader to promote positive workplace culture, or someone who believes working as a team is the best way to achieve unprecedented results.

A candidate for the scholarship can range from a teller all the way up to a president – because we believe that impactful thinking can come from anyone, no matter their title or stature. These champions are there not only to do their work but also to ensure that your bank is a place you want to be because it’s a place where you can make a difference in your field.

This is your chance to help them extend their positive influence beyond your workplace and into the broader banking community. They will return from PowWOW as industry influencers who can continue to make your workplace a beacon of excellence. And if you find yourself struggling to pick just one candidate, we welcome you to complete multiple nominations. Remember, celebrate anyone who has made a difference in your work experience.

Click here to start your nomination now!