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Vendor Comparison Worksheet

An interactive vendor comparison worksheet to have on-hand when considering board management software for the first time or looking to replace an old and expensive provider

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There’s seemingly dozens of board management software providers. This worksheet is the best way to assess their credibility and capabilities. It’s what every potential customer should look for and ask of their vendors before any paperwork is signed.

Utilize this vendor analysis worksheet to make a wise decision about what board management software to purchase – but don’t leave the decision for another day. It’s time to take this knowledge, hold vendors feet to the fire, and make a call.

In this vendor analysis worksheet.
• What features and capabilities to look for in a board software vendor
• How to evaluate board software security
• How to think about a board software's user experience
• What to expect from a vendors support
• How to evaluate a board softwares customer success team
Download this work and make an informed decision about which board management software vendor is right for you.
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