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The Complete Guide to Running a Nonprofit Board Meeting

Preparing for an upcoming nonprofit board meeting? We've got the complete guide ready for you.

What To Expect

Conducting an efficient and effective nonprofit board meeting can be a challenge even for the most seasoned board director. Understanding how to conduct a productive and engaging board meeting is crucial for the immediate success and sustainability of the nonprofit organization.

So what are the keys to hosting a wildly successful board meeting? We’ve build a comprehensive guide just for you.

What's Inside?

Step-by-Step Instructions:

How to conduct a highly effective board meeting

Strategies to improve meeting minutes and notetaking
Tools to help take the guesswork out of board meeting preparation

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Dr. Emilie Socash

Dr. Emilie Socash

Dr. Socash has crafted staff and board trainings that are backed by a deep understanding of psychological levers that drive charitable giving.

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