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Credit Union of America

Credit Union Benefits from Nine Years of Escalating Efficiencies with OnBoard

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Credit Union of America


Industry: Credit Union

Campus: Wichita, Kansas

Board Management Goals

  • Gain efficiencies from digitization
  • Simplify process of board book creation
  • Increase both access to and security of board materials


  • 75% increase in efficiency
  • Paperless meeting packet creation
  • Secure document access control

Better Process Enabled

The board of Credit Union of America was ahead of the curve. They adopted the OnBoard board intelligence platform almost nine years ago. Since then, Janet Whitman, Secretary to Credit Union of America’s CEO and responsible for board administration, has enjoyed the structure it brought to board management. “There’s now a structure and defined process to creating board materials,” she says. “Rather than just pulling documents into a PDF, and then having to mail the packets out to the Directors and Supervisory Committee members, we now use OnBoard.”

Efficiency married to peace of mind

Whitman says there used to be a great deal of pressure surrounding creation and distribution of meeting materials. “There were strict deadlines both for me and the folks who had to provide documents.”

Since correcting documents once the books were printed was laborious and labor-intensive, the whole process demanded a level of perfection that’s almost impossible to achieve in any fast-paced organization. “Now,” Whitman says, “If we need to make any edits after the book is compiled, we can simply correct it in OnBoard as easily as fixing a typo in any software file. That is a big relief for us.”

“Now,” Whitman says, “it’s just a matter of dragging and dropping reports in. In addition, all information is retained for authorized board members or others to access whenever they wish.”

This simplified procedure also benefits additional Credit Union of America committees. “We use OnBoard for the Executive C-suite team that meets every other week,” Whitman adds, “and for the monthly Management Team, Loan Quality, and Supervisory Committee meetings, and the Asset Liability Team meetings.”

“New committee members can see the packets from previous meetings and get up to speed.”


Enhancing Both Security and Access

Since board members sit on various auxiliary committees, OnBoard lets Whitman ensure that only authorized individuals have access to specific committee documents. “We now have a repository where all meeting packets are accessible, but OnBoard lets me limit access to any particular packet,” she says.

This single, secure source of truth for board and committee-related material doesn’t just improve administration; it also streamlines information access for all end-users. “New committee members can see the packets from previous meetings and get up to speed,” Whitman explains. “We store our policy manual in the OnBoard resources folder in case volunteers need to refer to a policy for anything. We provide insurance for the volunteers, and that information is also saved in the resources folder, as well as travel information and forms they need for reimbursement.

OnBoard’s dedicated calendar is another feature Whitman has grown to appreciate. “It is easier to look for upcoming meetings in OnBoard than on my main calendar,” she says. “The OnBoard calendar clearly lets me see upcoming meetings and reports without the clutter of so many other appointments and commitments.”

Whitman estimates that simplified access and processes for the board and auxiliary meetings result in a 75% efficiency gain over the previous PDF-based approach.

“If there's anything I need, they are always quick to respond and get back to me.”

A near-paperless, and totally frictionless experience

Credit Union of America board meeting materials are now viewed and available electronically, which means access is critical. Happily, the OnBoard board intelligence platform has proven extremely reliable. Should a problem arise, however, Whitman knows it will be handled swiftly. “I know who my contact is,” she says. “He occasionally reaches out and emails and asks if I am having any problems, or if there are any questions he can answer. If there’s anything I need, they are always quick to respond and get back to me.”

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