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Drive visionary leadership with elegant technology that frees boards and leadership teams to make better decisions and pursue bold action. Join more than 2,000+ global companies who govern using our platform.
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Unquestionably Essential

Empowering leaders and teams globally. No matter where you or your organization are today, OnBoard is designed to elevate what’s possible for you to achieve.

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Smart & Scalable

Born-in-the-cloud means ready for what’s next. We’re constantly looking for new ways to help boards work better, so our technology is designed to scale with you, as your needs and technology change and grow.

Clear & Connected

Our platform is built to be used. We focus on the actual needs of users, with clear, approachable design that makes it simple to get work done faster, build materials easier, and communicate more effectively across the board.

Efficient & Effective

It’s time for directors, executives, and administrators to have a solution that frees them to unlock their full potential. Simplify complex, difficult, or time-consuming tasks with intuitive software that lets you focus on what matters most. 

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Easy & Supportive

Set up, sign on, go! Manage a board meeting in 10 minutes or less with the most powerful and highest rated board management solution globally. Our award-winning customer support ensures your team can hit the ground running in minutes. 

Helping Board & Committee Meetings, From Anywhere

OnBoard makes governance more effective, promotes collaboration and uncovers key insights, so you can plan for what’s next. OnBoard helps you surface actionable insights and coordinate board and leadership activities more easily, providing richer intelligence so you can act with confidence.

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Board Management Software Buyer's Guide

A comprehensive guide on selecting a Board Management vendor that will make your board happy and keep meetings focused on strategy.


See Why Leaders Love OnBoard


Stay agile and adapt easily to changes as they occur by simplifying complex tasks and streamlining providing key information and insights.


Free your board to govern more effectively and be better prepared for what’s ahead by harnessing the power and insight of your directors.


Focus on the big picture by seamlessly managing activities, meetings, decisions, and discussions across one or many boards.

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We All Work Better Together – From Anywhere

The OnBoard + Zoom integration works across every device – so you can lead effectively from anywhere. It brings the most critical moments of every board meeting to the forefront while dialing back on distractions.

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We All Work Better Together – From Anywhere

The OnBoard + Zoom integration works across every device – so you can lead effectively from anywhere. It brings the most critical moments of every board meeting to the forefront while dialing back on distractions.

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Zoom Integration

OnBoard has always connected with your favorite video conferencing technology – now we’ve made that experience even better. OnBoard now directly integrates with Zoom, a singular meeting  experience that enables directors and CEOs to meet face-to-face directly within the platform. No need to switch between apps. Just your meetings without distraction.

Voting & Approvals

OnBoard delivers a seamless platform to support directors who need to make high impact decisions from any device. It equips directors and leadership to organize, track, review, comment, and approve decisions – from anywhere. 

Task Management

Manage, organize, and track your most important action-items. OnBoard Tasks keeps all of your outstanding and completed work organized on the same platform as your board and leadership work. It helps you stay on top of what’s important while keeping things moving forward.

Secure Messenger

OnBoard Messenger is a whole new way to collaborate around board work. Directors, administrators, and executives can simply start a direct conversation or bring in the entire board into the discussion.


Send and sign agreements securely from any device. eSignatures keep your signed documents and legal agreements organized with all the rest of your board work. A powerful solution, integrated into OnBoard, that let’s you skip managing a second app — no need for Docusign.

Notes & Annotations​

When inspiration strikes, a great idea needs to be recorded, or there’s a detail that can’t be overlooked, OnBoard’s powerful notes and annotation tools are ready for you. It’s the perfect complement that aids reviews and makes meeting preparation more thoughtful.

Engagement Analytics

Engagement Analytics offers anonymized and aggregated real-time insights into how your board works. Know when board books are read, where annotations are made, and what sections are receiving the most attention from the board. It makes meetings smarter by bringing data to bear, shining light on topics that demand an extended discussion.
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Director & Officer Questionnaires

OnBoard sets the standard for end-to-end board governance with a robust and integrated D&O Questionnaire solution that supports your ongoing compliance. A critical and necessary component of your board’s annual calendar, the integrated questionnaire offers ongoing reminders to your directors and streamlines reporting and review.

Meeting Minutes Builder

The minutes builder unifies your workflow, enabling you to make minutes directly within OnBoard. Effortlessly make notes, create tasks, track attendance, and mark motions as the meeting progresses. The builder makes it easy to focus on the meeting itself, a must have for every meeting workflow.

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OnBoard is hosted by Microsoft Azure — the gold standard in Cloud Security. Our in-house security has overcome every third-party review and awarded SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certificates. That demonstrated commitment to compliance and integrity provides our customers ongoing peace of mind.