Webinar - NAPAHE & OnBoard Presents

A Taste of OnBoard

Join us for a webinar group discussion on the shortfalls in traditional governance platforms and other forms of board management, with a chocolate tasting and a short introduction from Stuart J. Schmidt, Executive Director of NAPAHE to kick it off.

31 July 2024
2:00 PM ET

What To Expect

The future of board governance has never been so sweet. Join us for a unique combination of flavor and governance at “A Taste of OnBoard.”

Starting with a free 5-minute group chocolate tasting, we’ll then break out into four virtual rooms, each with a current OnBoard user and your Higher Education peers for a group discussion.  

These breakout sessions will explore why traditional governance platforms, and other forms of board management, are falling short and how OnBoard provides the necessary agility and connectivity to advance your institution’s governance practices and make your life easier. 

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During This Webinar, Learn:

Eliminate Chaos

Streamline decision-making processes and reduce administrative overhead.

Provide Truth

Gain clear, actionable insights from reliable data to guide your governance decisions.

Gain Buy-In

How you are supported from first contact through every board meeting, and how your supported in driving adoption.

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