June 25TH @ 1:00PM ET

Meeting Prep Made Easy with OnBoard

with Max Franchitto, corporate advisor and Founder of MGF Consulting group, joined by Tamara Barr, Founder and Managing Director of CSB Corporate Services and Build Your Board.

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Board meeting preparation is no longer the complicated, time-consuming, and costly process it once was. 

Thanks to modern governance technology like OnBoard, challenges like distributing materials, fragmented communication, and last-minute changes are a thing of the past. 

Join us for a special Solution Spotlight webinar where we’ll showcase how OnBoard offers the tools to transform your meeting preparation into a seamless and efficient experience. 

In this webinar, you will learn how OnBoard:  

  • Empowers admins to simplify and speed up the meeting creation process 
  • Eliminates disorganization by centralizing all board activity in one location 
  • Allows directors to prepare for meetings well in advance, on their own time 

Board Technology Consultant, OnBoard

Max Franchitto is the Founder and Managing Principal of MGF Consulting Group (est. 1999) and Build Your Board.  

Prior to establishing MGFCG , Max gained his experience (18 years in executive management) with significant achievements in executive roles within the financial services industry (Funds Management & Insurance). 

Max consults to a wide variety of Boards in both the Commercial and NFP space, on matters of Corporate Governance, Boardroom protocols, Director selection, Strategic Planning and Mergers and Acquisitions, his clients inevitably come back given his work ethic and dedication to the tasks he performs and the quality of his services. 

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Unlock Superior Board Governance

Streamline your board meetings and unlock valuable insights with OnBoard’s powerful platform. Experience the difference of secure, efficient, and intuitive board management software designed for success.