3 Pillars for Stronger, More Effective Governance

What are key aspects of strong and effective governance for Boards in the educational context?

We spoke with Sam Henson, Director of Policy and Information at the National Governance Association (NGA), who outlined three critical pillars for effective governance in education.

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  1. How to evaluate and improve board composition with a focus on skills, diversity, and strengths.
  2. Why building a central repository for board documents, records, and other content speeds up board activities and is a best practice for modern boards. 
  3. How deploying a standard communication channel your Board makes it easier to include the right people in every conversation.

Meet Our Expert

Sam Henson, Director of Policy and Information at NGA

Sam Henson
Director of Policy & Information, National Governance Association 

Sam oversees NGA’s policy, information and research service, ensuring it adds to the learning of the organisation and best improves the governance of schools while supporting the chief executive in leading the organisation to achieve positive change in the policy of school governance.


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