A Brand-New Day

Welcome to a new look and feel for OnBoard.  

When we created OnBoard in 2011, we did so with a clear idea in mind: That board meetings should be informed, effective, and uncomplicated. For too long, outdated processes, divided communication, and fragmented technology had made it hard for boards and leadership teams to be their best.

A bright new future where board meetings thrive

Since that day, more than 2,000 organizations across the world have joined the OnBoard journey to transform and improve the work of their boards and governance.

Today, we welcome you to the next step in our mission to be the essential technology partner of choice for boards, directors, and their leadership teams. Today, we unveil a new OnBoard brand that continues the promise of a better board meeting experience.

The new OnBoard includes a modern and fresh update to its visual identity, but equally important is our strong confirmation of purpose, our commitment to you and our customers, partners, employees, and stakeholders.

“We’re creating a future where elegant technology frees boards and leadership teams to make better decisions and pursue bold action.”


Bold Vision & Mission

Boards set the pace, tone, and strategy for all organizations. Yet the hand of digital transformation has been unable to reach most boardrooms. The next normal of governance requires new levels of collaboration and intelligence that digital technology adoption can uniquely provide.

For OnBoard, this premise informs our bold vision: OnBoard is the realization of our vision and mission – a born-in-the-cloud board intelligence platform that promotes deeper engagement and ensures big decisions are backed by clear insights.

  • Anticipate – Effective leadership means knowing what’s ahead. We give boards and their teams technology that uncovers insights and simplifies meeting management so they can anticipate challenges before they arise.
  • Accelerate – Focusing on the path forward requires real-time decisions and sustained collaboration. We simplify communication to ensure every decision is tied to clear, meaningful data.
  • Advocate – Directors, executives, and administrators need secure, flexible solutions to realize their vision of the future.

OnBoard is the realization of our vision and mission  born-in-the-cloud board intelligence platform that promotes deeper engagement and ensures big decisions are backed by clear insights. 

DO Overhead

Principles & Promises

As a product-led growth company, we listen intently to our customers. Our customers have made it clear that four key tenets must guide the design, development, and deployment of our board management solution to ensure every board for every organization can thrive. These principles are our promises to customers. These promises ensure we deliver value at every touchpoint and every interaction between OnBoard and our team of professionals:

  • Simplicity – OnBoard uses an effective, uncompromising design that solves for both the practical and emotional needs of our busy end users. Complexity is progressively disclosed, step-by-step, to those who need it, resulting in a remarkably powerful, yet simple platform. The OnBoard experience is seamless, simple, and intuitive for all users – from administrators and CEOs to directors and subcommittees.
  • Intelligence – Smarter meetings are better meetings. OnBoard delivers engagement analytics metrics that improve preparation, drive meeting engagement, and help you make smarter decisions. OnBoard gives boards and leadership teams the ability to make better, more informed, and timely decisions in an efficient way.
  • Collaboration - As a single, trusted source of truth, OnBoard uniquely drives better collaboration across the board – from meeting management and operations to coordination with committees and leadership teams.
  • Security – Security, compliance, privacy and data protection is at the heart of everything we do. OnBoard is the only board management platform with a single, integrated cloud-based infrastructure built on Microsoft Azure that allows for full customer control-of-data capabilities and is supported by a knowledgeable 24/7 customer success and technology team focused on helping customers globally.
Board Portal Agenda

Experiencing the new OnBoard

It takes a clear vision to transform the status quo. OnBoard illuminates a future of leadership where decisions are better informed, communication is clearer and swifter, and actions go further.

This vision and purpose require a progressive enhancement to the visual identity of OnBoard. Our new OnBoard logo and identity seeks to match our ambition and commitment to customers.

We are proud to reintroduce OnBoard, and the reasons why this new look connects our vision, mission and purpose:

  • Logomark is simple, ownable, and forward-thinking.
  • Color palette is warm, modern, and vibrant — standing out significantly from category competitors.
  • Geometric patterns embody the magician archetype of OnBoard by abstractly depicting messages of connection, progress and transformation. 
  • Bright, human first photography brings approachability to the system while balancing the boldness of illustrative elements. 

As always, OnBoard remains steadfastly committed to listening to you – our customers, partners, and users. Share your questions or feedback about OnBoard’s updated look and feel by contacting us at [email protected].

Moons and Triangle Alt

What’s Ahead

We are hard at work building on the achievements of the last 10 years and riding a wave of momentum through 2021 and beyond. We firmly believe our new OnBoard brand will fuel our commitment to all our stakeholders – customers, employees, our communities, partners and our financial partners. We believe boards should strive for greater heights.

We believe technology can be a catalyst for change. We believe OnBoard is Where Boards Thrive.

What’s Changing

  • A dynamic update to the OnBoard brand, including a fresh new logo, a beautiful new website, and a new color palette within the product.
  • Our new website will be www.onboardmeetings.com. Passageways.com will still work seamlessly, and you’ll be redirected to the new website.
  • OnBoard’s user interface on both the web and mobile will be getting a fresh coat of paint reflecting our new branding — it will still be the OnBoard our customers know and love. There are no impacts to functionality, data or security.
  • Our email addresses will be changing to [email protected]. Our old emails will continue to work.

We look forward to working with you as we continue our exciting journey together! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Since OnBoard debuted in 2010, it’s been guided by a simple but powerful belief: Board meetings should be informed, effective, and uncomplicated. That belief has guided our company through hundreds of product improvements and iterations, countless new innovative features, and thousands of customer implementations.  

As we reflected on the challenges 2020, we saw a clear vision for the future of board meetings in 2021 and beyond. That at the heart of every organization was a dynamic, thriving board making decisions more quickly, with more information, and greater strategic advantage.  

And we wanted our brand and company identity to live up to that promise. So today, we’re launching a new look and feel for OnBoard. It’s still the same highly intelligent and innovative board intelligence platform you’ve come to rely and thrive on. Just with new website, and a dynamic and lively look and feel.  

To reflect OnBoard’s updated brand identity, you’ll notice a new logo and color palette on the board portal, mobile app, emails. In addition to these changes we’ve also updated our website and its address to onboardmeetings.com  

All passageway.com links will seamlessly redirect to the new website, including the portal login page, which has changed from onboard.passageways.com to app.onboardmeetings.com.  

We highly recommend updating your bookmarked favorites to reflect this change (but again, all bookmarks and links to passageways.com will be automatically redirected).  

In the coming days and weeks, we’ll also be updating our email domains to reflect our new branding. All emails from @passageways.com will eventually change over to @onboardmeetings.com.  

No, and we remain proud to be a founder-led organization. Paroon Chadha, our co-founder and CEO, remains our visionary leader with day-to-day responsibility for leading OnBoard’s customers and employees to ever-greater success and effectiveness.  

No. OnBoard is proud to be an independent, fast-growing company headquartered in Indianapolis.  The effort to rebrand is to add additional power and energy behind our mission to help boards and leadership teams make better decisions and pursue bold action. 

Your experience with OnBoard as a customer and user will be seamless.  All the tools, capabilities, and functionality you have previously enjoyed will continue to be available, now with an even more intuitive and fresh look and feel.  More specifically: 

  1. You and your meeting participants will get to experience an all-new visual experience, with no loss of functionality and complete continuity for data, content, and other meeting information.  
  2. Our corporate website, passageways.com, will become onboardmeetings.com.  
  3. Your board portal login page will change from onboard.passageways.com to app.onboardmeetings.com. Although visitors will automatically be redirected to the new website in milliseconds, we recommend updating your bookmarks or saved links.  
  4. Soon, emails from @passageways will switch to @onboardmeetings.com. Depending on your organization’s security policies, it may be necessary to monitor your junk or spam filters for the new address. You may also consider requesting your IT department whitelist the new domain to ensure full deliverability.  

We plan to continue to support previous passageways.com domain links for the foreseeable  future — through at least December 31, 2023.

Dedicated To You
Have Questions?

Share your questions or feedback about OnBoard’s updated look and feel by contacting us here.