Be Our Guest: How to Join the Inside the Boardroom Podcast

Now available on all podcast platforms, the Inside the Boardroom podcast gives listeners of all backgrounds actionable information and practical advice from board governance experts so they can host informed, effective, and uncomplicated board meetings.

With guests from all sectors of board-led organizations, including nonprofits, higher education, banking and finance, health care, associations, and public enterprise, you’ll hear the insider information you need to lead better board experiences.

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Inside the Boardroom explores topics like these (and more) across every sector to help listeners understand how effective boards and directors work: 

  • Current boardroom trends
  • Board-led organizations in the news
  • Cybersecurity and technology
  • DEI and boards
  • Artificial intelligence
  • How boards and directors embrace new ideas
  • Board composition and collaboration
  • Technology and boards

Looking for a board governance or technology subject-matter expert to join your podcast, webinar, or presentation? OnBoard’s executive leadership team and network of board governance consultants and advisors are available to share expert advice and practical guidance.
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Inside the Boardroom utilizes Zencastr, a web-based podcast recording platform. If you’ve ever joined a web-based meeting platform such as Zoom, it will be an incredibly familiar experience. However, it’s important to note that Zencastr only works with Chrome web browsers (Download Chrome for free here). Unfortunately, other web browser applications such as Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, and Firefox are incompatible with Zencastr.

First, check your background noise. If possible, ensure your recording space is free from any unintended noises that may impact the quality of the audio, including interruptions from kids or barking dogs, ambient background noise such as fans or loud air conditioners, and any other background noise such as fans, radios, or TVs.

Intermittent interruptions can and will happen. Because the podcast is pre-recorded and not live, there’s always the option to pause if and when an audio interruption occurs and restart your commentary. We’re happy to do as many “takes” as needed so that you and your expertise sound best (life happens)!

Next, if you have a dedicated standalone microphone you’re comfortable using, please use it if possible. Otherwise, the internal microphone on most modern laptops or computers will provide sufficient audio quality for the podcast.

We recommend facing a light source, whether a lamp or a sunny window, to ensure your face is well-lit and free from shadow. A ring light or overlapping sources of lights, i.e., desk lamps, will also minimize shadows.

At a minimum, avoid light sources behind you, as this can create deep shadows and make facial features more difficult to distinguish.

As far as background, if you prefer to blur your background or use a virtual background, please do so. Otherwise, a distraction- or clutter-free background is ideal as with any virtual meeting.

This information is critical to successfully capturing the audio and video recording of your podcast interview: Please wait until you see the following window at the conclusion of the interview (your host is happy to stay on the line until it’s confirmed).

This indicates that ZenCastr has successfully recorded your portion of the interview track (each guest and/or host has a unique recording track to ensure proper audio production). If you close your laptop, browser, or browser window before seeing this confirmation window, it’s possible that your audio recording will be lost and/or unusable. Please always wait until you see this recording confirmation!

We highly encourage Inside the Boardroom podcast guests be well-prepared for their interviews – but not over-prepared. The ideal podcast dialog flows like a natural conversation, so it’s not recommended to rehearse commentary line-by-line before your recording session.

Any obvious errors or misspoken comments can be corrected with another “take.” Let us know if you feel like starting over or restating a point.

Please come prepared with quotes, statistics, data, or sources to complement your interview commentary.

Any obvious errors or misspoken comments can be corrected with another “take,” so if you feel like starting over or restating a point, let your interviewer know; they’ll be happy to restate the question or provide another opportunity to answer so you look and sound your best.

Try to avoid cross-talk or overlapping your answers to the interviewer’s questions. 

Before answering a question, please allow the interviewer to complete the full question and wait one beat (1-2 seconds) before answering. This speeds the post-production process, as the audio producer will not have to fix “cross-talk” for the podcast audience.

Consider answering in full sentences. Short, single-syllable answers (“Yes,” “No,” “Uh-huh”) don’t make an engaging conversation.

Come prepared with context. Context matters. If your topic is the subject of relevant research, surveys, or other data sources, consider providing that context. For more abstract concepts, anonymized anecdotes, stories, or hypotheticals often help paint the picture for the Inside the Boardroom audience.

If selected for publication, your Inside the Boardroom podcast episode will appear on major podcast platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Stitcher. Each episode, including an on-demand video, streaming audio, and episode notes will also appear on

Absolutely! OnBoard primarily promotes the majority of content, including Inside the Boardroom episodes, via LinkedIn. Liking, sharing, reposting, or creating your own posts about your episode – once aired – brings more listeners to the podcast and your episode commentary.


Season 1 is currently in production and turnaround times will vary. We’ll keep you updated as the launch date of Season 1 draws closer

No. If you have a relatively modern laptop or computer and regularly use Zoom or other meeting platforms and don’t note any significant issues with your audio of video, your equipment’s built-in microphone and web camera should suffice for the podcast.

If you do have an add-on microphone or web camera and are comfortable using them, please do, as these devices can offer much greater clarity and definition, which will improve the overall podcast quality.

You don’t necessarily need to dress up, but each interview is intended to be audio and video recorded, and we want you to look your best! We recommend business casual, i.e., Dress as you would for a webinar presentation or business meeting.

Season 1 is still currently in production, but, in general, the audience for OnBoard’s content for board governance and leadership best practices spans a diverse set of board-led industries and professional roles. OnBoard’s customer base of more than 5,000 board-led organizations includes sectors such as nonprofits; banks, credit unions, and financial services; professional and trade associations; colleges and universities; hospitals and health care providers; private equity portfolios; and public and private companies.

There’s even greater diversity when you consider professional roles within Inside the Boardroom’s target audience. From volunteers to administrative support staff to directors, chairs, and executives. That said, Inside the Boardroom aims to create dialog and share advice that can apply to any sector or board role so the conversation is inclusive and not exclusive to a certain profession or industry.

The goal of the podcast is to provide thought-provoking dialog, practical advice, and actionable strategies that nearly anyone practicing board governance can use.

Typical Inside the Boardroom topics include, but are not limited to, cybersecurity; AI (artificial intelligence) in the boardroom; diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI); technology solutions for boards; director skills, roles and responsibilities; board culture; board accountability; and board evaluations and succession strategies.

Before each podcast, we will meet to discuss the topics and the types of questions we plan to ask. We won’t necessarily provide every question word-for-word, but the purpose of the meeting will be to ensure you’re not caught off-guard by any question and will feel comfortable and knowledgeable enough to answer any question you might have. That said, if you’d like a list of questions beforehand, we’re happy to provide one.

No, all interviews will be recorded as a remote meeting session via Zencastr.

No; all interviews will be recorded, then undergo a production/editing process before making them available on our podcast platforms.

A fully edited and produced podcast episode will typically last about 25 minutes, so please plan for approximately one hour to cover any stops/restarts or other necessary pauses.

We are more than happy to work with you on any technology-related concerns you have.

We’ll cover this in the pre-show meeting, but feel free to ask questions at any time leading up to the podcast.