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April 13 @ 11:00am ET

An Evolving Boardroom: How Technology Increases Boardroom Effectiveness

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The role of a board director isn’t easy.

Recent challenges – including regulatory pressure, economic uncertainty, and never-ending cybersecurity threats – have made things even tougher.

To help board and leadership team members work in the most effective way possible, we are taking a closer look at how the latest digital tools, such as board management software, can be used to deliver effective meetings, improve collaboration, and provide a secure environment to discuss important issues and share sensitive information.

Join OnBoard and the Texas Bankers Association on April 13 at 11:00am ET for a discussion on technology’s role in the board room with Rob Schuetz, Chief Technology Officer, First Capital Bank of Texas.

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • How technology has already changed the boardroom and where it’s headed
  • How boards can leverage technology for more effective outcomes
  • How board room technology increases effectiveness outside of the boardroom

Meet the Speaker: Wayne Sadin

Wayne Sadin is an Acceleration Economy analyst focused on board strategy. He’s developed insights into data and technology innovation and risk over a 30-year IT career spanning multiple industries including leading from CIO and CTO roles. As an NACD-certified director, he brings a unique, technology-centered point of view to the boardroom. 


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